Interesting about the children

Humor photos.

It turns out that a small child is not distinguish all colors…  Interesting facts about the children and their parents.

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Interesting about dogs — 1

Humor photos. Funny and cute dogs and cats

The richest dogs in the world…

Legacy — 15 million pounds -. In 1931 bequeathed his poodle named Toby Rimes and her descendants Ella Wendel of New York. After 80 years as a descendant named Toby Rimes, and he is the owner of the state of 92 million. $.

Legacy 373 million. $ Got a dog Gunther III. Gunther was a favorite of the rich German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein, and after her death he was the sole heir to all its states. However, Gunther could not survive the separation with the mistress and died a month after her death. Fortunately for Gunter family Countess, it stipulated that its status must be transmitted by the dog line. Thus, Gunther IV is currently the most spoiled dog in the world.

How do you like me


Let’s be friends!


Everywhere one soft

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Best places of the World

Bali, Indonesia.


Whitsunday. Australia

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Сute cats — Interesting facts about cats

How many teeth in the cat and why cats purr? …Humor photos

In adult cats teeth 30. Kittens — 26 time, which falls to 6 months.

rich mom


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