Smoothies for dinner – Vegetable smoothies (weight loss)

It will take:
Cucumber, tomato – 1-2 pcs .;
Celery stalk – 1 piece;

Smoothies for dinner – Vegetable smoothies (weight loss)

Half onion;
A glass of low-fat yogurt. Read more »

Dessert with chocolate


6 servings

gelatin – 8 g
orange juice – 40 ml

Dessert with chocolate

mascarpone – 250 g
cream (fat content 33%) – 250 ml
bitter chocolate – 100 g
chocolate biscuit cakes – 2 pcs. Read more »

10 Easy Rental Upgrades You Can Do (And Take With You When You Move)

A lot of renters settle for an outdated, boring space until they can move into the home of their dreams. Good news, renters: you don’t have to! Here are some easy rental upgrades you can complete yourself (or with just a little help) in no time. Even better: you can take these upgrades with you when you move!

1. Add a rainshower head to your shower

Want a total spa experience? Swap the old rental shower head for a luxurious rainshower style. Installation isn’t difficult; it should take less than half an hour.

According to Planit DIY, simply unscrew the old shower head, add some teflon tape around the threads, and screw the new rainshower fixture on. Remember to turn the water main off first, and save the original shower head to put back when you move!

2. Upgrade your bathroom vanity lighting fixtures

Bathroom vanity lights are affordable and easy to install. Visit your favorite home improvement center for the best variety. Most come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to install them, but, if in doubt, hire a licensed electrician. It should take a professional no time at all to complete this bathroom upgrade.

Want to take it to the next level? If you can remove the existing mirror easily, replace it with a coordinating mirror to tie in your new lighting fixture.

3. Add a smart thermostat

Image: Amazon

The latest smart thermostats keep your home comfortable, and save you money by regulating temperature throughout the day. They’re easy to install, and can often be switched on or off remotely via a smartphone app.

The Amazon Ecobee comes with Alexa voice and room sensors, making adjusting your home’s temperature as easy as telling it what you need.

4. Replace the bedroom light switch with a dimmer

Image: Best Builders

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Cool Futuristic Style Home Interiors

We’ve all seen the futuristic interior design ideas splashed across space and time travel movies, and gradually these aesthetics are becoming a reality. Heads are being turned by new ideas on furniture design, and minimalist hidden storage ideas are adding to the mix to forge the way forward. What exactly does home style of the future look like? See for yourself with these futuristic interiors that offer us two quite different takes on the theme. The first encompasses stark white decor in an angular living space. The second is a softer transition into the future, with some familiar furniture silhouettes and colour relief mixed in with geometric influence and fresh thinking.

Designer: Anfei Chen

Our first home design project, entitled the ‘Crystal’ Apartment, is a dramatic change from the soft surroundings that we’ve become accustomed to. Triangular cuts and folded edges create a strong visual impact, almost as though the interior was formed by a master of origami. The paper art theme is continued over in the window dressing too, where window blinds have cutaways to create a unique undulating pattern from end to end. The unique coffee table appears like a giant broken shard of mirrored glass.


One end of the sofa is raised like a cantilevered deck, echoing the same design feature as the neighbouring coffee table.


Angled cutaways in the wall and ceiling create plains for extra light sources, which help bathe the arctic white room with brightness and reflection over its ice-smooth floor. Stainless mirrors and dimming glasses have been implemented to increase the look of space. Read more »

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