We Asked Pro Movers for Their Top Moving Tips. Here’s What They Told Us

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Pro movers gave us their best moving tips for making your transition as easy as possible. Image: rawpixel.com

Let’s face it: Moving days are never easy. After all, no one looks forward to lifting heavy boxes in and out of trucks, up and down stairs. However, moving day doesn’t have to be completely chaotic, either. All it takes is a little planning and forethought to make the day run smoothly.

With that in mind, we decided to go straight to the source. We asked pro movers to share their best advice on how to accomplish a painless move. Incorporate some of these moving tips into your packing plan to help this would-be-stressful process go off without a hitch.


If possible, schedule your move for early morning. Image: rawpixel.com

Schedule your move strategically

“If you’re hoping to get a better rate on a moving company or rental truck, avoid scheduling your move on weekends or at the end of the month. These companies are usually slower during the week/mid-month and are willing to give deals,” says Ryan Carrigan, co-founder of moveBuddha.

“If you’re hiring a moving company, try to book the earliest morning time slot available. The moving crew will be fresh, so they’ll typically get the job done more efficiently.”


Gather your materials first. Image: rawpixel.com

Have the right materials on hand

“Most people know that they’ll need plenty of boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap for the move. However, shrink wrap can be your best friend when it comes to moving,” advises Tieece Gordon of Affordable Removals. “Take furniture, for example – it may be expensive, but it’s also fragile. Drawers and doors on wardrobes, dressers, etc. can also be securely fastened shut using this cost-effective material. Plus, it never hurts to buy more of everything than you think you’ll need.”


Packing non-essentials like décor first saves you effort later. Image: Breather

Pack non-essential items first

“Don’t just start boxing up everything in sight,” says Kelly Tenny, Content and Social Media Manager with Zippboxx. “Pack up your belongings in a strategic manner. Go room-by-room and begin by packing up items that you do not use very often, like décor and accessories. Leave the things that you use frequently for last. This will save you time scouring boxes you already packed for that one item you need!”


Put heavy items like books in smaller boxes. Image: Daria Nepriakhina

Watch the weight of your boxes

“Be careful not to pack boxes that are too heavy,” suggests Emil Perushanov, owner of Top Removals. “Not only will they be a literal pain for your movers on moving day, but they’ll be difficult for you to move around while packing.”

As for a general rule? “Try to stick to a 30-pound limit for each box and, when packing heavier items like books, use smaller boxes. This will keep you from overloading.”


Make sure your appliances are turned off, defrosted and cleaned. Image: Naomi Hébert

Prep your appliances in advance

Kate Windleton, Relocations Manager at Strong Move, recommends planning ahead when it comes to appliances. “Your fridge needs to be defrosted at least a day earlier. Your washing machine, your oven, etc. should be turned off, cleaned and, if possible, put in their original boxes. Secure their cords and seal their doors so they don’t open accidentally while inside of the truck.”

Have you moved recently? What moving tips can you share from your experience? Tell us in the comments.

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300 g-cottage cheese
180 g semolina
180 g-sugar
150 g of berries


100 ml — sour cream
2 tsp — vanilla sugar
1 tsp — baking powder Read more »

World War II Sites : Rome

The late 1930’s were global times of darkness. Japan and China were involved in the notorious Marco Polo Bridge battle.  The eastern part of the world was getting massacred with Hitler invading Poland and Britain and France announcing war to stop him from doing so. Another significant contribution to World war II was the foundation of Italian Fascism laid down by the dictator Mussolini in the year 1919.

With Hitler’s political Nazi coup and the aggressive policies they implemented, Benito Mussolini chose to ally Italian forces with those of German. On their eastern side, Rome was first invaded by Nazi Germany in 1943. Then in 1944, Britain decided on invading Italy. The Allied forces which included Britain, France, United States military in the majority, bombed Rome in multiple instances between 1943 and 1944 despite the significance of Catholics in the U.S military forces. The Sacred City was attacked from northern as well as the south-east side. The Vatican, which has already declared itself neutral was also attacked twice.

World War II Sites : Rome

Following are the sites, where the horrendous events of World War ii were unfolded by The Allies as well as by the Axis.

Villa Torlonia:

After laying the foundation for the Italian fascism and forming  Fasci Italiani di Combattimento in Milan, Benito Mussolini, in 1920 rented this lush green villa aligned with pine and palm-trees, in Rome as his accommodation. The dictator builds a royal bunker underneath for easy access to his wine cellar. The Mussolini family lived here until it was attacked by the Allied High Command in 1943 and Mussolini was deposed and executed. The village has been reopened as a museum in 2004, to take it’s visitor back into the times of dictatorship and war.

World War II Sites : Rome

By Lalupa (Self-published work by Lalupa) [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

World War II Sites : Rome

By Sergio de Ferra [GFDL  or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

History Museum Of Liberation:

Called Museo Storico della Liberazione in Italian, this museum is located close to the Basilica of St John Lateran. This self-directing building in Via Tasso used to serve as the headquarters for the Nazi Schutzstaffel and  Gestapo at the time of occupation of Rome. The museum has a prison wherein the Nazi supporters and military forces used to incarcerate, torture and execute the Italian Jewish citizens and the political opponents. A tour to the museum is essential to register into the senses, the physical as well as emotional pain inflicted on the Italians who didn’t bow down to Hitler and his belligerent system.

World War II Sites : Rome

Abbey Of Monte Cassino:

What one used to be a splendid monastery, ever since its inception in 526 A.D by St. Benedict, is now mourned for being a cataclysmic ruin of a long bloody outbreak. The Battle of Monte Cassino was a result of a misapprehension on the part of an Italian soldier, as surfaced in the book of a glorified military officer, who was a confidential assistant to a leading British General in the liberation of Italy. The soldier mistook an Italian word for the abbot to battalion, which enraged the Allies since it was a breach of the agreement of the Vatican being a neutral city. What followed was a series of four horrific assaults in the area held by the Axis. The causality included some 250 men, women and children and a massive number of Allied soldiers lost their lives.

World War II Sites : Rome

If you are planning a trip to Rome, whether or not you are inquisitive about the global war history, you must spare some time out of your trip to visit these World War II sites of the eternal city, Rome. Illuminate oneself about the radical transformation; the entire world went into after these horrendous acts against humanity.

All these monumental spots are within a taxi ride distance from the Rome International Airport, and you can easily pre-book or book-at-instant any reliable taxi transfer services available right outside the airport.

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Pilaf Shadi-Beksky


● 800 g of rice
● 800 g of meat
● 800 g carrots

1. Pilaf Shadi-Beksky

● 250 g of quince
● 300 g of fat or oil
● 150 g of onion
● salt, spices — to taste

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Stuffed vegetables

Who does not like stuffed peppers or zucchini. These dishes are known and loved in all the cuisines of the world. However, vegetables and minced meat can endlessly change, but the result is always happy. The easiest way is to cook stuffed vegetables in the ripening season, when there are so many of them, that the eyes are scattered, and with each one you want to experiment, or, on the contrary, prepare the most traditional, long-tried and loved dish. Both on a casual and festive table, the stuffed vegetables look great, attract everyone’s attention and decorate the meal. You can choose the desired calorie content of the dish, taking as the main ingredient fillings of minced meat or, for example, mushrooms.

Stuffed vegetables

Stuffed vegetables

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