The Benefits of Smoothies


Smoothies are useful in both sports lifestyle and weight loss. In addition, these cocktails are allowed in pregnancy, diseases of internal organs and other things when it is difficult to play sports, or not at all. What is so useful and beautiful smoothies? Here is the answer:

It is a natural drink containing a mass of vitamins so vital to the body and natural fiber, which cleanses the body perfectly.


The Benefits of Smoothies

Complex carbohydrates, which are the basis of every smoothie, make the drink not only pleasant, but also quite invigorating. The energy received from smoothies, enough for a sports training lasting 60-90 minutes or half a normal day. Read more »

Vegetarian shish kebab (low-calorie dish)

«Vegetarian shish kebab». This phrase itself seems unnatural, because the shish kebab, as it seems to us, implies the use of exclusively meat. But no. The etymology of the word goes back to the Turkic words denoting «spear» and «spit».

Vegetarian shish kebab

And on the spit you can put everything that your heart desires, is not it? That’s vegetarians and they wanted to skewer vegetables and make a delicious and healthy vegetarian shish kebab. However, such a «roast» with pleasure will try and meat eaters. You can believe The main ingredients of vegetarian shish kebab are eggplant, zucchini and champignons, but generally the list of plant products suitable for cooking on fire is much wider. Read more »

45 Beautiful Modern Chandelier Lights That Create Glamorous Interiors

There’s nothing that says glamour quite like a chandelier. Multi-armed, multi-faceted and glittering, their traditional homes in entrance foyers and over dining tables make quite the impression. We’ve put together 45 modern takes on the chandelier, built in a variety of materials and décor styles. Hang a silver chandelier that forms a straight line, with LEDs through their centres. Build a chandelier from desk lamps, creeping together to form a spider. Fan your chandelier into a Sputnik, with golden rods that peek out over your desired space for dining. Open imagination and light up your home with these modern, non-conventional chandeliers.

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Family fun on a Little Londoners package

London is a great city to visit with family as there is so much to do, whether you’re travelling with very little ones or teenagers, or both.  But what’s really important, I find, is to make sure you’re centrally located to make the most of all that the capital has to offer. The Trafalgar St. […]

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16 Attic Design Ideas to Take Your Space Way Beyond Storage

attic design ideas

Is your attic currently only being used for storage? If so, you’re not alone. Too many of us are guilty of taking older or rarely used items and burying them up in the attic, never to be thought of again. Unfortunately, though, while this organizational method may be common, it’s causing us to miss out on a great opportunity to create something special.

In fact, your attic may have more potential than any unused space in your home. When remodeled correctly, it can be transformed into anything you can dream up, from a much-needed home office to a full-on studio space that’s perfect for hosting longer-term guests.

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out the innovative attic design ideas below.

Build a sleek and functional home office

throw rug


multiple office

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