Snack «Chicken»

Eggs cut along into two parts, yolks removed. Chop the yolks.
Avocado clean, remove bone, pulp with a fork.

Finely chop the greens. Mix yolks, avocado, greens, a little salt. Add the mayonnaise, stir.
The resulting mass stuff the halves of the eggs. Then connect the halves. Read more »

Champignons stuffed with ham


Ready-to-eat Appetizers Champignons stuffed with ham
Grind the onion.

We cut the ham into cubes.

Champignons stuffed with ham

And we send it to the preheated frying pan with vegetable oil, lightly fry for 5 minutes, then add the chopped Bulgarian pepper, the legs of the mushrooms and fry for another 2 minutes. Read more »

First Electric Genesis


Genesis, a premium brand owned by Hyundai, presented its first electric car — the Essentia concept car — at the New York Auto Show.
Concept car Essentia: the first electric Genesis
Concept car Essentia represents a sports coupe with a fully electric power plant, consisting of several electric motors, information about which yet. According to Genesis, up to 96.5 km / h the concept will be able to accelerate in three seconds.

Monocoque and Essentia chassis are made of carbon fiber. The machine has an impressive appearance — in particular, the doors are thrown into the eyes like the «gull wings». The concept is equipped with thin headlights and taillights, which have a laser-phosphor light source (they are noted that they are made in the style of optics used in the conceptual crossover GV80).

First Electric Genesis

According to the developers, the concept is equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a face recognition system — with their help the user can open the doors of the machine. In addition, it is reported that the concept car has a virtual assistant with voice control, able to connect to various devices, to smart home systems, as well as, for example, recommend a route.

In the interior of Essentia you can see, in particular, a widescreen screen, as well as an 8-inch digital «device». Read more »

We cook delicious marshmallows at home


A fragrant, airy, delicious and sweet marshmallow is familiar to each of us since childhood. Favorite delicacy, among other things, also does not contain extra calories — in 100 gr. marshmallow contains about 80 kcal. In addition, almost everyone can easily cook this delicious air dessert at home.

Necessary ingredients:

1 liter of yogurt

We cook delicious marshmallows at home

0.75 cup sour cream with fat content up to 15% (150 g.)
200 gr. Sahara
50gr. gelatin
400 ml of water
½ packet of vanilla sugar

We cook delicious marshmallows at home

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A Place To Hang Out


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