Pikeperch baked in foil with mustard and onion


Roasted pikeperch is a delicious, delicious dish for lovers of succulent fish. It can be eaten with or without garnish, serving hot, cold. Recipes of cooking in the oven are simple, they consist of only a few ingredients. Food can be enjoyed even by those who diet or adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. You can slightly change the taste, adding the usual spices, fragrant herbs during cooking in foil.

Pikeperch baked in foil with mustard and onion

To fish turned juicy, it is smeared with sour cream, poured with lemon juice. Some culinary experts stuff pike-perch with half-rings of onions, tomato slices and carrots. Others like the natural taste, tinted only with ground pepper, fresh dill or parsley. But everyone agrees to one opinion — delicious recipes from fish must be prepared, then to enjoy delicious and hearty treat. Both guests and family members will appreciate the efforts of the hostess, her culinary skills.


Pikeperch baked in foil with mustard and onion

To prepare this dish with a spicy aroma you will need vegetables, ready-made mustard, freshly squeezed lemon juice. These products emphasize the rich taste of fish pulp. In advance it will be necessary to prosalt pike-perch baked by whole carcasses.
pike perch — 1 kg;
a large tomato — 1 piece;
bulb of medium size — 1 piece;
fresh mustard — 2 tablespoons;
parsley — a bunch;
Freshly squeezed lemon juice — 3 tablespoons;
half a lemon;
salt, spices — to taste.
Preparation in the oven:
First we wash the fish, we clean the insides. We make small incisions across to make the juice stand out. Lubricate with salt, leave in a dish for half an hour.
While the pike perch salted, cut the onions into thin rings, tomatoes — straws, half a lemon — slices.
We prepare the sauce for coating. Mix lemon juice with mustard, rub this mixture of pike perch on all sides.
We spread the sheets of foil on a baking tray, lay out the fish. We place in each transverse incision a lemon rump, a piece of tomato.
The remaining tomatoes and onions are laid out from above, sprinkled with chopped parsley. We wrap the foil, closing the edges tightly.
Bake in a heated to 200 degrees oven for half an hour. 7-8 minutes before the end of cooking, open the foil slightly so that a crispy crust appears on the surface.

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