Pomegranate bracelet — Original and delicious cake

Cooking Desserts Cake «Garnet Bracelet»
Prepare a colored biscuit. But first you need to make the necessary preparations. Cut off a suitable piece of parchment paper so that it covers the whole bottom of the baking tray for the biscuit and slightly closes its sidewalls. Measure the height of your cake shape and the length of the circle so that it fits along the length of the baking tray.

Pomegranate bracelet

Recipe for Garnet Bracelet Step-1

Beat butter with powdered sugar and vanillin, gradually add protein whilst continuing to beat.

Add the sifted flour and starch, mix with a spatula. Add food color, mix.

Put the dough on a prepared baking sheet, smooth. Bake at 220 ° C for about 8-10 minutes, do not overdo it, otherwise the biscuit will lose its color. Prepare rings for cakes (in the recipe diameter of 8 cm), cover the food film.

Finished biscuit to take out of the oven, cut off the «walls» of cakes of the right size.

Carefully insert the «walls» into the rings. Measure the inside diameter and cut the mugs for the bottom of the cake, insert inside (there must be a tight connection).

Prepare Bavarian lime mousse. Gelatin fill with water and leave until swelling. Mix the yolks with sugar. In the milk, add the lime zest, heat almost to a boil (if there is a thermometer, then to 85 ° C, if not, then when the steam starts to rise from the steam).

Milk pour into egg mass, mix, pour everything back into the pan (for speed you can use 2 pots and do not overflow).

Constantly stirring with whisk, again bring the mass to 85 ° C. This cream is very gentle, the main thing is not to digest, because at 86 ° C the yolks fold. But if yolks you still cooked, then you need to strain the cream through a sieve.

Remove from heat, add lime juice and dissolved in a water bath gelatin, mix.

Chilled cream to whip up to steady forms of a peak, delicately to enter into the Bavarian lime cream cooled down to a room temperature. Each form is filled with Bavarian mousse about half or slightly less. Keep in the refrigerator until it freezes.

In the meantime, prepare pomegranate jelly. Gelatin soak in 50 ml of pomegranate juice before swelling, then dissolve in a water bath, mix with pomegranate juice and sugar until the crystals of sugar are dissolved.

Pomegranate jelly pour over frozen Bavarian mousse in forms. Add the seeds of pomegranate. Keep in the refrigerator until it freezes.

Then fill the forms with Bavarian mousse to the very top. Remove the forms in the refrigerator until completely congealed or overnight.

Before serving carefully remove the cakes from the molds. Garnish with pomegranate seeds. Bon Appetit!

Preparation time 15
Cooking time 25
Difficulty Easy
Number of servings
Bake, Bake
50 g. Butter
50 g. Powder of sugar
50 g. Egg white
50 g. Flour
5 g. Starch
to taste Vanillin
to taste Food coloring green
125 g. Milk
40 g. Sugar
3 pcs. Yolk egg
7 g. Gelatin
125 g. Cream 33%
1 PC. Lime Celery
25 ml. Lime juice
125 g. Pomegranate juice
1 tsp. Sugar
5 g. Gelatin
0.5 pcs. Garnet
to taste Garnet

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