Recipe homemade pastrami



1.5-2 kg beef tenderloin,
50 g of seeds Chaman,
1 tsp cumin,

Recipe homemade pastrami

20 g of dried garlic,
1 tsp of coriander seeds,
1 tsp Cayenne pepper,
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper (I took a mixture of 4 peppers),
1 tsp red pepper
2 leaf Lavrushka,
2 buds of clove,
2 juniper berries
50 gr. brandy
1 kg of salt or more


1. So, beef wash, dry wipes, cut lengthwise if large, and again to dry

2. In a suitable container pour a layer of salt about one centimeter, put on top of beef and cover with salt. So nothing out without peeking. I poured some of the mixture of bell pepper. Red, black, white and… (but not burnt).

In my case it took almost a kilogram of salt. Of course, not iodized, and most that neither is stone and coarse. By the way, at the stage of salting of meat leaves a major amount of moisture. Because salt draws out the meat, sideridis in this juice. But during pressing, rather, is formed by the future form and cut our capers. We shall return later, in the meantime, pour salt

3. The yard is a cool autumn time, so leave this to balcony, loggia, at the village courtyard. Or in the fridge if space allows

4. Salt actively removes moisture from the meat, so every day, the future Union can and should turn to the other side. If desired, you can replace salt on dry, but this is entirely optional. So took the meat, turned on the other side, salted and back where you found it

5. It’s been three days. It is time to rescue the meat from the captivity of the salt and wash it at least half an hour in running water. To do this, simply leave the bowl of meat under a gentle stream of water
PS Small spots on the surface of the meat is traces of peppercorns

6. Comes the stage of pressing, respectively, the next three days the meat will hold under heavy pressure. But before that, washed the beef dry with paper napkins and very, very tightly wrap in a clean cloth. I use baby cotton diaper. After changing press basturma something very heavy and resubmit in a cool place. Very heavy means really heavy pots and 5-liter flasks with water is hardly heavy enough. Here again reminded Pushkin of his fall, when it’s time to jerk beef
During pressing, daily visit future Union in order to perepelenat — change the wet diaper on the same dry and again under the press.

7. Six days (of which we have three days and three salted extruded) after the start of the making of basturma, meat will take a worthy baturitsky view
Compare with what it was originally. …and that means it’s time to make the plaster. Go!

8. 350-400 grams of water to boil. There are two things — the Bay leaf, cloves and juniper berries. Let stand. Lavrushka, I came across melkovaty, but look how beautiful. So threw a little more. With juniper berries the same garbage

9. While the broth is brewed and cools, prepare the rest of spices. To do this, mix Chaman, cumin, garlic and coriander, red paprika, black and Cayenne pepper. Of course those who are in the seed — to pre-crush and grind

10. Return to the broth. As it cools down to 25-30 With strain (although strain-there is nothing — just remove the spices from the infusion) and start to add the mixture of spices. There also pour 50 grams of cognac. The result should be a mixture of consistency and appearance of fresh pate

All these dances with a tambourine, which spices, it is highly desirable the day before. So that the coating stand in a cool place (and again Pushkin) at least 6-8 hours, better 12. During this time, the aroma of spices will be revealed, and Chaman thick, that untold easier spreading spices on the surface of the future of basturma

11. The step of preparing coating especially adorns the entire process of making pastrami at home. And all because of this a wine glass of brandy. And not only the one that went into the plaster, and the gurgled inside! There she stands in the background.

12. Returning to the pastrami, I note that the process of coating maybe someone can seem like a daunting task, but very quickly you will realize that it is not. And even on the contrary — the rite of promazyvanija very creative lesson and given standing nearby bottle of cognac even more exciting, unhurried and even forgive, philosophical! And which at this time are posted in the kitchen flavors…. Pour… UPSs! The second…! 🙂 In General, the coating goes on smoothly and soon the eggs should look like this

I used to use for coating butter knife as a spatula. While holding a piece of beef in the palm of the left hand, like a huge sandwich. You obmazyvat beef as you wish. But do not forget times a day to turn the eggs on the other side. To grease the formed cracks and traces from the grid

13. But to dry the plaster in the oven, with the included fan, I can’t recommend because of the time savings you will have to pay a series of cracks that need to be in the process of drying the grease remnants of putty. It is not so difficult, but all the same this time. And secondly, and most importantly, in the oven along with the plaster to dry out easily and the top layer of pastrami. And this is fraught with «temper» — so called peel dried jerked sausage (or pastrami), which clog the moisture in and gives the meat to valitsa fully. In General, haste is not a friend to us, and therefore the perfect option on a cool balcony (again remember Pushkin and his love to fall). As they say, keep it coming. As a result, drying may take 3-4 days or more. But how many pleasure from the scents, the contemplation process and that is already there, anticipation…

14. So. Passed three days, the plaster moderately dry so that the Union can take in hand and admire your creation. Bring it to your nose and inhale the incredible aroma of almost ready-made pastrami. However, as the saying goes, do not eat! Remains to wrap fresh eggs in a couple of layers of clean wipes, and even better gauze, to remove the shelf of the fridge and leave it there for 10-14 days. A classic of the genre tells us to put on the socks with string and hang it by an open window. Well, your right, to hang curtains or not because these «little things» did not give much importance on the end result 🙂

15. After 10 days of impatient waiting, you can remove the first sample. And if you want some more podvyalit or keep ready-made pastrami, just the enclosure, apply a fresh cut remnants of putty — you do not throw the wastes? No, of course not! )) And wrap back in cheese cloth, Try to make a pastrami at home. Everything will work out and you’ll tell their friends how delicious it is. Incredibly delicious. And it is unlikely you will continue to buy socks in the store!

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