The richest cat. Funny cats. Interesting facts about cats

The richest cat. Funny cats.

Interesting facts about cats




The Guinness Book of Records the richest cats — couple inherited $ 415,000 at the beginning of the 60s. And the richest single cat has inherited $ 250,000.

* Giraffe, Camel and Cat are the only animals pacers, while walking their left legs go first, and then the right. This walking ensures speed, agility and silence.
Cats found colorblindness. Their blindness is like a human — it seems the red green and green — red.

* Cats are not very well distinguish fine details.

* Cats to see enough 1 / 6th of light required to man. Their night vision is amazing! The cat-eye darkness even uses light reflected from the retina.

* Cats can see in the distance up to 60 meters. Their peripheral vision — about 285 degrees.

* Eye color kitten may change with age.

* At birth, kittens can not see or hear. They open their eyes in 7-10 days, and vision and hearing are developed in 2 weeks.
* Cats — the laziest mammals. They sleep 16 hours a day. Seven Years cat was awake only for two years of life!

* Cats are more active at night.

* Cats, when you do not sleep, take care of themselves 30% of the time.

* 95% of cat owners admit that talk with cats.

* Cat on average weighs 3-5 kg.

* If a cat’s ribs can not be felt, it is too thick.

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