Salad “Christmas wreath”

Salad “Christmas wreath”


#salad recipes + photos simple and delicious
#salad recipes for Christmas

Hard-boiled eggs – 3-4 pieces.
Chicken without skin and bones – 600 – 700 g
Sweet pepper (any color) – 2 pcs.
Onions – 2 heads
Mayonnaise, vegetable oil, salt. In this case, used to decorate boiled carrots, sweet red peppers, olives, parsley.

In a dish put the split metal baking dish in its center – the bank of smaller diameter. To make a bank stability can fill it with dry cereals.
Cooked chicken meat, cut into cubes, put a ring around the banks, fluff with mayonnaise. This will be the first layer of lettuce.
Sweet peppers baked in the oven, and then released from the skin, cut into cubes and put a ring on top of a layer of chicken.
Onion, diced, fried until light – golden brown, then it should be salt and cool. Put a ring on the layer and pepper. A little grease with mayonnaise.
Eggs grind to a coarse grater and form another layer of lettuce.
Then you need to carefully remove the jar from the center of lettuce, remove the split mold and fluff mayonnaise “wreath” as on the sides and top. Garnish with sprigs of dill, boiled carrot strips of tape to make, beautifully arranged on the “wreath.” Decorate as olives and slices cut from sweet pepper.
Before serving, refrigerate salad

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#salad recipes + photos simple and delicious
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