#Salad «Fish in the pond»

#Salad «Fish in the pond»


#Dishes from fish


3-4 pieces. potatoes boiled in their skins,
1 jar of small sprat,
4-5 boiled eggs,
150-200 g of cheese,

How to cook:

Sprat have cut tails, see 3-4.
In a salad bowl spread layers from bottom to top:

Potatoes, grated on a grater (layer can pour a little oil from the sprats).
Sprat, mash with a fork.
Eggs, grated on a grater + garlic.
Cheese also grated.
All layers are coated with mayonnaise, top leveled. It stuck sprat tails.

Decorate a la «pond» — lilies of the bulblets, «reed» feather green onions or leeks, etc.

Bon Appetit!!!

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