#Salad «New Mask»

#Salad «New Mask»


#salad recipes + photos simple and delicious
#salad recipes for Christmas

* 1 chicken breast;
* 150 grams. hard cheese;
* 1 carrot;
* 1 beet.
For the filling:
* mayonnaise;
* 1-2 cloves of garlic;
* salt pepper.
For decoration:
* Olives or olives;
* green pea;
* greenery.
Take a large platter and two small glasses. Chicken breast cut into slices and lay out in the form of masks.
Prepare the filling of mayonnaise and crushed through a press garlic, brush with half of the filling layer chicken.
The second layer of salad — grated cheese and lubricate the remaining dressing.
The third layer — grated on a fine grater boiled sweet carrots.
Grated boiled beets lay out the bottom part of the «mask». At this stage, you can gently pull the glasses.
Now you can decorate a salad green beans, olives or olives. There is plenty you can dream up!
Garnish with salad greens and place it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
We are sure that when you hear the command «Remove the mask!» You will surprise the guests!

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#salad recipes + photos simple and delicious
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