— for shortbread:

200 g butter,

150 g of weak flour,

100 g almond flour,


100 g powdered sugar,

2 egg yolks.

pinch of salt;

for lemon cream namelaka:

100 ml of whole milk,

4 g gelatin,

20 ml of water,

150 g white chocolate,

200 g fresh cream with a fat content above 35%,

5 g of honey,

60 g lemon juice, lemon zest.

-for decoration:

100 g red berries with sour taste (raspberry or red currant) and

100 g of jam from the same berries.

First of all you need to prepare the cream namelaka, since it requires quite a long stay in the refrigerator for freezing.

Remove the zest from the lemon. In grated or crushed form, lower it into fresh cream, leaving them in this form for at least 3 hours, and then filter them.

Gelatin, if it is in the plates of 2 g, pour the specified number of water and leave for swelling. If gelatin is in another form, follow the instructions on the package.

Heat the milk, adding honey to it, almost to a boil, but do not boil. Completely dissolve the swollen gelatin in it, and then pour the hot milk on the chocolate, broken into small pieces. You can pre-dissolve the chocolate. Stir the chocolate in the milk with an immersion blender, without whipping the mixture.

To the chocolate mixture, first add cold and filtered cream, and then lemon juice, mixing with a blender.

The resulting liquid!!! put the cream in the refrigerator to solidify. A minimum of 5-6 hours is required, 12 is recommended.

Sablè shortbread dough

Beat together soft butter with powdered sugar and almond flour until you get the cream.

To the cream add butter, one egg yolks, then the flour portions, and salt. Should get a smooth and soft dough.

Due to the fact that this dough impossible to roll out with a rolling pin, chill it is not necessary to allocate a little cold water soaked hands on the form in diameter 24-26 see the pre-Form of grease and sprinkle with flour.

Bake in the oven, preheated to 170-180 C. during baking, the dough will begin to swell a little, so you will need to chop it in places of swelling. Baking time 25 minutes until Golden brown.

The finished base of the cake to cool, then spread over its surface jam with a thick layer.

Ready thickened cream with a pastry bag to decorate the surface of the cake, then distributing fresh berries, nut crumbs, etc.

My remark

First of all, I want to focus the attention of sweet lovers on this cream. In addition to its excellent taste, which retains the delicate charm of white chocolate, cream namelaka has that creamy consistency, which is reflected in its Japanese name. One pronunciation of the term begins …like in his favor)))
Please note that the cream is prepared without the use of eggs, flour and excess sugar, as can be seen in other confectionery creams.

If you do not plan to freeze the remnants of the cream in the freezer, and I strongly recommend it to get acquainted with the convenience of cream for quick improvisation dessert, the cream for the cake can not even add honey. The sweetness will remain only the one that is in chocolate.

Attention! In the scenario of the recipe, I give a dose to decorate the cake, but feel free to double it to freeze the remnants of the cream in small molds or in small cups. Frozen billets folded in a closed container and keep in the freezer. The blanks are defrosted very quickly.

The consistency of the cream does not suffer from freezing. The cream holds its shape perfectly, so it is easy to portray a small and elegant dessert with fresh berries, crumbs of cookies, a spoon of unsweetened yogurt, a drop of liquor, etc.

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