Smart Roof Extension Boasts Panoramic City Views in Beirut

Brussels practice Notan Office completed a roof extension and water tank project in a crowded urban area of Beirut, Lebanon. The unconventional extension has a total surface of 250 square meters (2,691 square feet).

“In Beirut roofs are inhabited, private or shared, terraces or technical roofs,” the architects explained. “The extension was built on a flat roof that had to host water tanks as well. To make it habitable, a volume rises and contains the water in a common tank.”

The architecture practice envisioned an imposing rock monolith facing panoramic views of the city. Thanks to its double orientation, this last floor is open and ventilated; at the same time it ensures a high level of privacy.

The 13th floor addition to this Beirut building exhibits a playful spirit. The apartment adjoins a generously sized terrace where the inhabitants can feel the pulse of the city below.

As you step inside, you are welcomed by cozy interiors, despite the array of raw finishes used in the design scheme. The floors are made out of crushed white marble, which complement the concrete ceiling and wooden window frames. Photography courtesy of Leva Saudargaité.

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