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MOST fluffy cat. Сute and Funny cats

MOST fluffy cat Interesting facts about cats Himalayan cat breed named Colonel Meow (Colonel Meow) was born October 11, 2011, and became famous even before it got into the record books in the late summer of 2013. The owner of the wool, the length of which reached 23 centimeters, the Internet became a star after […]

The richest cat. Funny cats

The richest cat.  Interesting facts about cats Legacy cat Blackie, after the death in 1988 of its owner Ben Rea, estimated at 9 million pounds.

Why cats spend so much time licking its fur?Funny cats

Why cats spend so much time licking its fur? Interesting facts about cats   For cats licking but hygiene is a way to maintain mental balance. Grooming calms, it neutralizes the nascent aggressiveness. Licking cat licking a wool a certain amount of substance containing vitamin B, which is necessary for the regulation of mental balance. […]

How many teeth in cats? Funny cats

How many teeth in cats? Interesting facts about cats In adult cats teeth 30. Kittens — 26 time, which falls to 6 months. For 15 years, the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, had a cat named Stubbs. Another ran for mayor of Mexico City in 2013.

Сute cats. Why do cats bring you a dead mouse?

Why do cats bring you a dead mouse? Interesting facts about cats There are at least four theories: 1.Cat gives you a gift, as a token of their friendship or what you feed him. 2.Cat thinks you’re incompetent hunter, and is trying to teach you. read below…

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