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Potatoes with chicken legs

Irresistible marinade sour cream with garlic, give this unique dish a more refined taste. Everyone loves chicken, especially chicken legs, which are baked with potatoes in the oven. The dish tastes very juicy, tender and mouth-watering. It can be prepared for a celebration, as a hot dish and just for a family dinner. cooking is […]

Chicken of tobacco – Delicious!

The tobacco chicken is a popular traditional Georgian dish fried with garlic and various spices in a special frying pan with a lid. The most important thing in this process is to find a suitable load to press down and well flatten the chicken. The dish turns out simply delicious and with an unusual spicy […]

Chicken baked with lemon and white wine

Cooking Meat Garlic is dismantled for denticles, we do not remove the skins. We crush each tooth with a flat part of the knife. We put onions, garlic and lemon slices to the chicken. Salt and sprinkle with thyme. Mix the wine and put it in a preheated oven to 200 ° C. Recipe Chicken […]

Chicken baked with vegetables

Meat The decoration of the solemn table or family dinner will be a baked chicken with vegetables, the preparation of which, although it takes time, but the result will be stunning. Bright summer colors on your desk – this is something that will please. The combination of vegetables with a tender chicken is a real […]

Chicken legs in batter

Chicken legs are one of the most delicate, mouth-watering and delicious chicken pieces and it is not surprising that this part has always been fought with the family or among guests .. Chicken legs are well absorbed by the body if, of course, they are removed from the skin first. In general, there is a […]

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