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The Benefits of Smoothies

  Smoothies are useful in both sports lifestyle and weight loss. In addition, these cocktails are allowed in pregnancy, diseases of internal organs and other things when it is difficult to play sports, or not at all. What is so useful and beautiful smoothies? Here is the answer: It is a natural drink containing a […]

Ricotta cake

For 8 servings: Ingredients flour – 350 g salt – a pinch Butter – 170 g eggs – 4 pcs. boiled – smoked or boiled sausage

Fettuccine in tomato and cream sauce

  Ingredients: Olive oil – 2 tbsp. l. Butter – 2 tbsp. l. Onions – 1 pc. Garlic – 4 denticles Any tomato sauce – 900 ml Salt and pepper – to taste

Unusual and delicious breakfast sandwiches

  You will need: 16 pieces of white toaster bread (we have exactly one loaf); 8 plates of ham (smoked meat); 1-2 tomatoes; 200 g of mushrooms, 4 eggs; 100-150 g of cheese; 1 tbsp. a spoon of butter for roasting; salt, pepper, parsley. How to cook:

Lazy dumplings

  Ingredients (for 100 dumplings): ● 600-650 g minced meat (beef onion water black pepper) Dough: ● 380 gr flour ● 180g water ● 1 table.l vegetable oil ● 1 small egg. ● salt Preparation:

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