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Cottage cheese and semolina pudding

  No matter how mundane and newyawka didn’t seem this dish, for me, this recipe was so perfect that casserole became a frequent guest on my table. Delicious, very sweet, moderately sweet and quite low in calories (152 kcal per 100g.), she was a great help in the quest to achieve moderation in food, especially […]

Cheese cake.

  This delicate and very tasty homemade cake is always on my holiday table. You will need: curd 400 g 1 tbsp. sugar + 1 tbsp. chicken eggs 4 PCs. soda 2 tsp. flour 2,5-3 tbsp . corn starch 1 tbsp cow milk 900 ml butter 300 g vanilla sugar 2 sachets lemon juice 1 […]

Banana cake.A great casserole for the New Year

  2 very ripe banana 2 large eggs 100 gr sugar 50 grams of butter 2 tbsp of sour cream 150-170 grams of flour sachet of baking powder (10 g) handful of walnuts

Pie with poppy seeds.

  Cooking time: 40 minutes Servings: 4-6 Ingredients: Dough: 2 cups flour half a Cup of sugar 200 g margarine 2 eggs

Cake “Black Prince

  You will need: 3pcs eggs (large) 1.5 glass of flour 1st buttermilk (warm) 1tbsp sugar (NOT COMPLETE) 4st LV vegetable oil 1pch baking powder

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