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  Meringue-meringue: — 140 g of any nuts (here — walnuts) — 160 — 170 g of egg whites (from 5 medium eggs) — 200 — 250 g of sugar Custard: — 2 egg yolks — 200 ml of milk — 20 g of flour — 20 g of powdered sugar — 20 g of […]

Cake with the most delicate curd cream.

For those who like curd cream. It will take: Biscuit. 5 eggs. 1 tbsp. Sugar. 1 tbsp. Flour. 1 tsp. grated peel of lemon. Cream. 20 g of gelatin. 150 ml of water. 300 grams of cottage cheese.

Cherry cake on a crispy basis

  I like cakes based on crumbled cookies — they, of course, can not be considered quick, but they can get rid of fuss with the oven if it’s too hot or the oven is not there. You will need: For the cake: 100 g of bitter chocolate 150 grams of finished chocolate chip cookies […]

The ideal recipe for the lazy «Napoleon» for busy housewives

  If you are a fan of Napoleon, and you do not have the opportunity to prepare a real classic cake, use this recipe, which will bring your home to full delight! Checked and guaranteed! So, all you need is: 800 g «ears» 1 liter of milk 4 eggs 150 g of butter 0.5 tbsp. […]

Cake «Smetannik»

Condensed milk 1 pot Sugar 100 g Wheat flour 8 tablespoons Butter 100 g Sour cream 20% ½ kg 1 tablespoon cocoa Soda 1 teaspoon Egg chicken 2 pieces

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