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Cake » Three chocolate»

very wonderful, gentle, like a souffle) the technology is very simple-the basis-biscuit (this, by the way, without flour and in itself very tasty) plus three types of mousse, which are filled alternately the recipe, if anyone wants to repeat (for a cake of 24 cm in diameter): sponge: 3 egg yolks 3 squirrels 70 g […]

Cake-mousse » Currant mood»

  Ingredients: Eggs — 3 PCs. Sugar (for biscuit) — 8 tbsp. Sugar (for mousse) — 100 g Flour — 8 tablespoons Baking powder-10 g Water — 5 tablespoons Condensed milk-170 g Sour cream (20% — — 120 g

Roll with chocolate and candied fruits

This chocolate cupcake will please both adults and children! 8 servings Ingredients eggs — 5 pcs. sugar — 270 g flour — 100 g cocoa powder — 60 g baking powder — 1 tsp. cream (fat content 33%) — 400 ml

Cake «Drunken Cherry» with sour cream 

  The cake «Drunken Cherry» with sour cream is close to the classic and on execution, and on the final taste. The technique of filling is simplified in this case: it is necessary to simply beat well-cooled sour cream with a high percentage of fat content with the addition of sugar or sugar powder and […]

Biscuit cake «Raffaello»

  To prepare a gentle cake «Raffaello» can be with biscuit cakes, bake that will be possible, based on the following recommendations and the proportions of ingredients. Instead of cornstarch, it is allowed to use potato, and replace vanilla sugar with natural extract or grains from pods. Ingredients: eggs — 5 pcs .; sugar — […]

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