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40 Minimalist Kitchens to Get Super Sleek Inspiration

For so many families, the kitchen is a focal point of the home. Not only do parents spend hours each week cooking, children sidle up to the kitchen bar for after-school snacks or even to do homework. The importance of the kitchen in everyday activities means that it can feel uncomfortable to simplify the space so that it meets with minimalist aesthetics. After all, where is the warmth of a stark which countertop or a monochromatic kitchen island? Still, the kitchens featured in this post manage to not only incorporate the necessary appliances and seating that is required of a kitchen, they also ensure that each space is imbued with its own sense of style. Take a look and find some inspiration for your next simplification project.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

The color white will be a theme throughout this post, starting with this first kitchen. White is an easy way to convey minimalism as it immediately feels clean and simple.

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

In an open floor plan like this one, a white minimalist kitchen design overflows into the rest of the public space, which also uses white on white as a unifying style.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

Minimalist black and white kitchens are another common sight, with the contrast in shades adding a contemporary feel.

Designer: Zitturi  

Of course, where minimalism is at play, the combination of white and wood cannot be far behind. Here, a white kitchen sets off a deep red wood dining table to great effect.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

A white subway tile backsplash is very on trend. For more examples of stunning white on white designs, be sure to check out 30 Modern White Kitchens That Exemplify Refinement.

Visualizer: Alex Dorokin  

A minimalist kitchen does not have to be complete devoid of color. In this simple design, bits of color in the way of natural wood, yellow, and red manage to shine through.

Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov  

This next example is even more colorful with deep sage green cabinetry and a mustard yellow refrigerator. Minimalist kitchen design, after all, is not about color but about clean lines and clutter-free organization.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics  

In this lovely kitchen, minimalist shelving keeps kitchen necessities liked mugs and bowls tucked away neatly but also easy to reach when they are needed.

Designer: Zunica  

The furniture that’s used in a kitchen also plays a critical role in its overall style. Here, black minimalist kitchen stools match nicely with the simple pendant lighting for a modern, unified look.

Visualizer: Phil Ryan  

A good minimalist kitchen design maximizes the space available, as evidenced in this simple, wood kitchen.

Visualizer: P&M Studio  

In another example of stylish white and wood kitchens, this space has a bit more square footage but still defaults to simplicity.

Visualizer: Patricia Bagienski  

The use of levels is another minimalist design technique. Here, the kitchen is elevated above the living area and shelving continues the stair step effect.

Visualizer: Ivanna Pavlus & Anna Neiman  

A minimalist kitchen can also make unique accessories stand out, as with the unique kitchen stools in this space.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics  

Moving into some darker options, this copper and black minimalist kitchen is almost futuristic in its style.

Visualizer: Marina Selivanova  

But a white minimalist kitchen with high shelves and black appliances can have its own futuristic appeal, too.

Designer: Yael Perry  

Indoor plants are a welcome addition to white on white kitchen design, adding both color and texture.

Visualizer: M3 Architecture  

In marble kitchens like this one, the cool, smooth surfaces and minimalist decor scream luxury.

Visualizer: Plasterlina  

In another colorful example, a bright yellow backsplash creates contrast and joy against the black minimalist kitchen design.

Architect: Zoom Architecture  

Another example of yellow accent kitchens that work is this, which uses white as its neutral contrast rather than black.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Among black and white kitchens, this one is particularly sparse in its design.

Visualizer: Modom Studio  

Against the white design, the large, unique dining pendant light becomes a centerpiece in this open home.

Architect: Project A01 Architects  

The geometric minimalist kitchen island in this design is extremely unique.

Visualizer: Anastasia Andryushchenko   

White and wood cabinetry in this kitchen create almost a dip dyed effect.

Visualizer: 3D World Renderings  

This white and wood kitchen also features an island and stainless steel appliances.

Visualizer: Dark Room Studio  

Some, but not all, Scandinavian style kitchens also have elements of minimalism like this one.

Designer: Arent & Pyke  

For an artistic minimalist kitchen design, it would be hard to do better than this white design with bright red and green accents.

Visualizer: Artyom Bezfamilniy  

Open cabinets force minimalist kitchens to stay clean while a red contrast shelving unit brings in a bit of brightness.

Visualizer: Marcin Kasperski  

Some small minimalist kitchens are clean and simple by requirements, as this colorful but small space can attest.

Architect: 3XA  

And going even smaller is this narrow minimalist kitchen that no doubt sits somewhere close to a city center.

Visualizer: Kuoo Architects  

An all white design is how this narrow minimalist kitchen keeps from getting too cramped

Designer: Pura Arquitectura  

The exposed wood beams in this kitchen give it a bit of a rustic feel, considering its otherwise minimalist style.

Designer: Batavia  

A window to the outside can also be quite helpful when designing for a small kitchen like this one.

Visualizer: Brainfactory  

Minimalist design does not have to preclude luxuries like an eat-in kitchen, as seen here.

Designer: Helen Baranova   
Visualizer: Vitaliy Bozhenov  

When a kitchen is open to any visitor, simple colors like white and wood, plus cabinets that hide clutter, can be the best choice.

Source: Paul M  

This minimalist kitchen with island is actually quite large, demonstrating that minimalist does not have to equal tiny.

Visualizer: Insight Studio  

Creative minimalist kitchen storage underneath the island in this design is clever and practical.

Visualizer: SOD Architects  

In another black on black design option, open minimalist shelving forces homeowners to pare down.

Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov  

This dark kitchen appears to contrast with the rest of the house, going from black to white rather abruptly. The result is chic if a bit jarring.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Lighting underneath the cabinetry and inside the shelving gives this dark minimalist kitchen a rather ethereal feel.

Visualizer: Polyviz Studio  

And here, a final example of just how stunning minimalist black kitchens can be, particularly when they make use of natural wood elements as well.

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Apartment in Texas Hides Mondrian-Inspired Wall Design

Sanders Architecture collaborated with Cravotta Interiors to design and develop a modern apartment in downtown Austin, Texas. An array of materials and textures make this place vivid and appealing. Moreover, each functional area has its own personality, as you can observe in the photo gallery below.

“Close attention to detail is key to the beauty of this 3,100 square-foot (288 square-meter) condo customization,” the architects said. “A rearrangement of spaces and a playful embrace of existing infrastructure was necessary to accommodate a family of four in this high-rise urban condominium.”

A steel and glass wall divides the living areas; this installation is inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian and is undoubtedly the highlight of the apartment. It also serves a practical purpose, as it opens up to reveal a television set. Check out the pool table next to it, that can transform into a welcoming dining table for eight.

Large expanses of glass bring views of downtown Austin inside and keep the room naturally lit all day long. Moving over to the kitchen, you notice a colorful backsplash against dark-colored appliances, which makes the space come alive. The large kitchen island features bar tables on one side, making it perfect for small group parties. Any elements you find particularly appealing? Photography by Ryann Ford.

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Beautiful Accent Chairs That Add Splendour to Your Seating

No interior is complete without a gorgeous accent chair. Whether lounging in the library, sitting afront your powdering table or making you feel boss in the office, there’s a beautiful chair for every interior setting. Set a powder blue swan astride your bedroom table, creating a space to relax before dressing. Cradle your newborn to sleep, in an orange leather egg. Sit a golden creation behind your desk, with a stone linen seat set atop a fan of metal gold. Surprise and delight yourself each time you sit down, with our top forty picks for snazzy accent chairs.


Pink Accent Chair With Wooden Legs: Go back to the fifties in glamorous velvet. This dusky rose, sturdy-legged chair could look a dream in your living room or beside your bedside table.

$122BUY IT

Small Modern Accent Chair: Get artistic with your curves. Solid and masculine, this plywood frame and faux leather seat make a mockery out of expensive walnut and leather upholstery prices.

$162BUY IT

Mid-Century Modern-Style Walnut Accent Chair: Want to get closer to the real deal? The smooth lines of these mid-century chairs are created with basswood and poplar, boasting a walnut-look finish as their final punctuation. Stainless steel legs with non-marking feet ensure a floor that’s just as beautiful.

$397BUY IT

Wood & Faux Leather Accent Chair With Arms: Relax a little more, in this reclaimed wood chair. A soft, upholstered seat in tan faux leather lets red oak hues do the talking.

$253BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen-Style Swan Chair: For a bedroom staple both man and wife can lie in, it doesn’t come much easier than this swan chair. Framed in metal and coloured in powdered blue or red, lift its under-seat adjustment to make it sit at your level. Ottoman available separately.

$350BUY IT

Verner Panton S Chair: Make a statement in your office. This gorgeous, teardrop-shaped beauty is lined in crimson cashmere on hardwood and steel. Its roller wheels let you skirt around your office on the hunt for paper files.

$181BUY IT

Wegner-Style Shell Chair: Want somewhere to lean back and read the paper? This shell-shaped chair in solid oak provides padding in black leather, managing to look stylish and comfortable at the same time. Find its 1963 original for sale here.

$139BUY IT

Panton S Chair: Draw one single line in your choice of seating. Architects and engineers will love this ABS-engineered seat, formed from one continuous piece of plastic and stacking up to four seats high. Choose from black, red, blue or white.

$300BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen-Style Egg Chair: Think velvet is old-fashioned? Think again with this contoured egg chair swivelling on steel. Its deep seat and high-back form are perfect for enjoying your morning latte or pondering life’s intricacies.

$550BUY IT

Leather Barcelona Chair: Buy a psychologist’s couch of your own. Covered from top to toe in fine aniline leather (even over the piping and buttons), this sophisticated, Freud-esque design was first launched in 1929.

$178BUY IT

Bertoia-Style Diamond Wire Accent Chair: Go outside the boundaries. This modern chair with continuous wire design adds flair. Vinyl leather seating offers a comfortable base for your bachelor pad or home office.

$148BUY IT

Modern Lime Green Accent Chair: Fancy a bit of green in your life? This faux-leather chair makes a colourful friend, as its brushed-silver finish legs hold your form on high.

$200BUY IT

Mid-Century Modern Tufted Accent Chair: After a little tufting? This grey find quilts its sides in soft linen, showing off exposed stitching and a built-in pillow for your back.

$200BUY IT

Modern Grey Accent Chair: Want a chair that follows a Scandinavian feel? This grey linen fabric seat atop four natural wooden legs offers style with two cushions to boot.

$927BUY IT

Hans Wegner-Style Papa Bear Chair: Lauded as ‘the most comfortable chair ever made’, the solid ash wood frame and woollen upholstery of this arm-rested chair has all papa bears needing a seat. Buy it in grey or white to add an heirloom to the office.

$140BUY IT

Modern Black Velvet Accent Chair: Want a different kind of armchair luxury? Coat it in black velvet and line it with high-density foam, creating a hardwood seat with a high back’s drama.

$4,125BUY IT

Wittmann Vuelta 80 Red Accent Chair: Receive ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when guests enter the room. This stunning luxury accent chair by Jaime Hayon is set upon a wood and metal frame, with a leather and velvet overlay. Buy it in eight decadent colours.

$180BUY IT

Tufted High Back Accent Chair: Want a more elongated statement? This lighter-red velvet chair removes the armrests, builds in tufting and sits its pretty form on solid wooden feet.

$160BUY IT

Upholstered Barrel Accent Chair: Get a chair that’s as good-looking as it is easy to clean. This teal number’s solid wood frame can support large loads, while its removable polyester cushion makes washing it a breeze.

$220BUY IT

Chesterfield Blue Accent Chair: Find a chair with a classic shape. Upholstered in blue velvet, the tufting and armrests of this timeless design can withstand the ages.

$773BUY IT

Tufted Low-Back Navy Blue Accent Chair: Make it more square. The straight lines of this tufted and nail-head trimmed creation are finished off perfectly in velvet.

$285BUY IT

Traditional French-Style Accent Chair With Stripes: Introduce some French flair into your household. Framed in cedar wood with a cotton seat base, this chair’s subtle stripes and distressing evoke the feeling of the French countryside.

$540BUY IT

Gold Accent Chair: Go super modern with a chair in gold. Geometric shapes design the back of its powder-coated steel, while its seat is easily personalised with your choice of cushion.

$1,200BUY IT

Golden Base Accent Chair: A white fluffy chair is the stuff dreams are made of. Complement your dressing table with this sea of white faux fur, elegantly poised on a gold-painted metal frame.

$860BUY IT

Platner-Style Accent Chair: Add subtle flair to your accent chair. Designed mid-century, its linen base fronts a veritable fan of gold metal panelling. Buy the original design here.

$678BUY IT

Industrial-Style Metal And Leather Brown Accent Chair: Add to your industrial home decor with a unique accent chair. Made of pewter wood and distressed leather upon a sturdy metal frame, it’s the perfect way to relax within constructed lines.

$170BUY IT

Modern Orange Accent Chair: Inject some art deco into your home. This soft microfiber chair offers comfort and a cavity at its back. Pop it in your waiting area beside a bunch of flowers.

$504BUY IT

Curvy Maroon Accent Chair With Ottoman: Introduce some real luxury into your lounge or bedroom. Complete with matching ottoman, this purple velvet find’s lines mold to the shape of a relaxed posterior.

$654BUY IT

Bohemian-Style Upholstered Patchwork Chair: Are you a fan of patchwork? Make your next nook or cranny colourful, with this statement chair upheld by wood-look legs.

$175BUY IT

Floral Barrel Accent Chair: Create a garden inside your living room. This tapered-wood leg chair provides a bed of flowers to nestle into.

$268BUY IT

Faux Cowhide Black & White Accent Chair: Wondered how this cow-hide chair is such a great price? Shhh, it’s not real. Lined with faux leather to the back and nail-head trimming on its sides, this wingback chair is a little animalistic.


Purple Faux Fur Accent Chair: Available in 14 colours, these faux fur chairs mix Scandinavian-style legs with Oscar the Grouch.

$100BUY IT

Eames Rocker Chair: Rock your child to sleep in a stylish cubby. Formed using heavy-duty plastic, its chromed-wire legs and wooden runners bring tradition to a famous design.

$1,860BUY IT

Saarinen Womb Red Accent Chair: Just given birth? Relax in this chair named ‘womb’. Its fibreglass shell and hand-stitched cashmere have brought feelings of security since 1948.

$890BUY IT

Wegner Wing Chair Replica: Looking for something more muted? This replica chair’s molded foam seat, stainless steel frame and woollen upholstery add class.

$875BUY IT

Kardiel Cub Yellow Accent Chair: With the original priced over $3,500, this handmade chair and ottoman are a steal. Built upon an ash wood frame, its Danish-style twill comes in four colours.

$138BUY IT

Small Teal Accent Chair: After a smaller seat? This Scandinavian scoop chair does the trick.

$260BUY IT

Butterfly Leather Chair: Don’t have space for an accent chair all of the time? Showcase this leather chair some of the day, folding its hand-stitched form away by night.

$209BUY IT

Rattan Papasan Chair: Give your home a Moroccan feel. This hand-crafted rattan round complete with acrylic cushion can be seated indoors or outdoors, thanks to its UV and mildew-resistant fabric.

$242BUY IT

Multi-Color Rattan Accent Chair: Another hand-crafted rattan gem, this colourful seat comes complete with a cushion and one-year warranty.

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