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Superb Kitchen Design

Some small minimalist kitchens are clean and simple by requirements, as this colorful but small space can attest.      

Modern Villa Captures Sea Views in Koh Samui, Thailand -2


Modern Villa Captures Sea Views in Koh Samui, Thailand – 1

Sicart & Smith Architects is an international boutique design firm in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Led by Franck Sicart and Julien Smith, two French architects, the company develops modern and tropical designs.

The concept of 180 Samui started with the careful analysis of the site: a breathtaking view of Chaweng Bay in Koh Samui, Thailand, and a massive rock that needed to be integrated in the project. The result is a horizontal design, low roof-lines and a simple material palette.

The villa is organized around an impressive pool overlooking the view, set perpendicular to the main rock and offering a dramatic feel. A three-sided infinity edge merges the pool, the sea, the sky and its reflection; it seems like the swimming pool is floating in thin air.

The villa accommodates five bedrooms with further facilities such as a spa room, a gym area and a rooftop chill-out terrace. The swimming pool is surrounded by an open kitchen and pool lounge with library and pool table.

Terrazzo and teak wood are the main materials used for the design with subtle variations and accents of black, cream, polished and raw finishes for the terrazzo.

Most of the furniture has built-in features. The sofa in the lounge is sunken into the floor so that when seated, the inhabitants have a clear view of the horizon. Beds are centered in the middle of the bedrooms to maximize sea vistas. A light touch of aquamarine has been added to complete the balance and  harmony of the project. Information provided by Sicart & Smith Architects. Photography courtesy of Johnny McGeorge & Julien Smith.

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