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A Cozy Ecostyle Apartment in Lviv

The marriage of minimalism and eco-friendly design choices is a match made in heaven in this ecostyle apartment in Lviv, Ukraine. Realized by the visualizers at Fog Architecture, the house takes the clean lines and neutral color palettes of minimalism and combines them with luscious natural materials — especially wood — for a sunny, cozy feel throughout. From the open floor plan living area to the pops of color and light in the bedroom to the relaxing sea-colored chaise on the balcony, this home is exceptionally liveable and beautiful. Take a step inside and get inspired for your own eco-makeover.

The main living area is not extremely spacious, but the use of neutral colors like gray and white make it feel somewhat bigger.

Other design tricks, like a recessed television, make for a bit more space as well.

One design element that must be mentioned in this main area is the uniquely texture wall. This creative addition lends quite a bit of personality to the home.

Overall, comfort is key in this apartment, with this cozy gray chair acting as just one example.

While guests may move directly into the living area, the entryway is the first thing they see, so the design of that space is important if you want a welcoming environment.

The creative coat storage on the wall bring in that natural wood element while also being quite practical.

In the small dining area, the natural wood theme carries over in the table itself as well as the flooring.

Overhead and undercabinet lighting is a necessary addition to the kitchen and dining space.

A creative faucet design is both practical and beautiful.

In addition to fairly standard wood cabinets and countertops, the use of different types of wood in the backsplash pattern is a lovely touch.

Of course, there is no better way to bring nature into a design than with the use of actual plants, as seen in this unique and modern moss wall, which also acts as a divider between the kitchen and living areas.

The moss brings a vibrant splash of color into an otherwise neutral room.

Speaking of pops of color, the purple accents in the bedroom are quite decadent.

And if the purple color wasn’t royal enough, the glamorous vanity mirror design adds even more style.

A creative overhead light fixture diffuses light for a flattering evening glow.

The purple wood slat design over the bed is both a design feature and gives another space for recessed lighting to hide.

The home office area is also quite cozy, and keeps with the more neutral theme of the home’s public spaces.

Space and light to work are plentiful.

The black office chair blends with black cabinetry while a few splashes of yellow find their way into the room as well.

More plants ensure the ecostyle is not forgotten, even when work needs to be done.

In the bathroom-cum-laundry, white and wood are a classic combination.

The honeycomb patterned tile is a bit playful, but stays in the neutral category with its colors.

Wood flooring climbs up onto the walls as well as the cabinets for a unified feel.

Of course, the stylish bathroom includes all the necessities as well.

A second, smaller bathroom uses white and wood too, but takes a more dramatic tack with its tile work.

A corner shower is small but large enough to do the job.

The honeycomb tiles in this space are white on white, which is a classic choice for a bath.

The honeycomb design is carried over into this decorative shelving unit as well.

Angular door hardware adds an artistic, modern element as well.

This is a unique take on mirrored closet doors, partially covered.

The colors in the design are somewhat brighter with greens and blues coming into play.

The honeycomb tile from the larger bath repeats outside, too.

Finally, a cozy reading nook continues the celebration of nature.

Lavender, yellow, blue and white are calming and clean.

The perfect space to spend a quite afternoon.

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Historic Chapel in Belgium Converted into Architecture Office

This historic chapel in Belgium was recently converted by Studio klaarchitectuur into an unconventional office space. Dubbed Waterdog, the project aims to transform architecture work into an almost spiritual experience.

“Due to the chapel’s status as a listed building, the renovation project was bound by several limitations,” the architects said. “For instance, it was vital the historical character of the building remained intact. This was achieved by erecting a brand-new construction from scratch, completely separate from the historic building, in sharp contrast with the old walls.”

A large, sumptuous space was maintained at the heart of the building, with work areas located at the rear of the chapel. Ceiling vaults add to the grandeur of the space.

“By stacking the different offices and spreading out the various departments across different floors, a constant sense of dynamism is created in the workspace,” the architects added. “No more dull and unimaginative offices; be inspired by a challenging working environment where past, present and future are inextricably linked.”

Even though the building is primarily an office space for the architecture studio, some of its areas are open to the public and various events are expected to take place here. Photography by Marc Scheepers, Flos&Beeldpunt, Toon Grobet.

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Completely White Apartment With Dominant Central Home Office-2

A rustic style chunky dining pendant light anchors the family friendly eating area in its spot.   A white double-door fridge freezer matches the smooth white kitchen cabinets and colour coordinated countertop. White gloss metro tiles make up the backsplash. The kitchen accents are a combination of shiny chrome and stainless steel, mismatched dishes and […]

Completely White Apartment With Dominant Central Home Office -1

This office-like home interior, by The November Design is a vision of pure white: White painted walls and ceilings, crisp white veneer and powder coated metal, white kitchen and lights. Each icy detail just showing subtle variation in tone. Elements of furniture and flooring provide accents of lightly warming woodgrain. Soft furnishings and the bathroom tiling bring hints of beige into the mix too. Because the palette throughout the apartment is kept so simple, all visual interest must come in the form of great design and layout. Dominating the layout is a large work desk, placed right in the centre, where a bold black desk chair waits.

The sitting room of this apartment looks very similar to a client waiting area in an office or design studio. The neat wooden arm settee does not provide a lot of lounging space or cosy comfort, which might tell us a lot about the hardworking nature of this homeowner. The surrounding storage furniture is also of a chic modern office style, typically found to be holding reference books, files and stationery supplies.

A white wall sconce acts as a reading light over the seating area. A second lamp at the other end illuminates the book cabinets.

Although the colour-free decor might initially cause the home to appear minimal, the apartment actually contains a fair amount of furniture and storage. If each piece were to have been selected in a colour then this would be a busier scene.

Directly adjacent to the small sofa we find the huge desk. The desk has been given much more floor space and status than the lounge area, suggesting work is of much more importance here than play or relaxation.

Beneath the swing arm wall lamp, a handy end table makes an ideal spot to keep a current book.

A glazed dividing wall lets extra natural light filter into the space.

A white powder coated strip light is suspended low from the ceiling over the dominating desk.

Stylish ergonomic chairs are essential to a highly productive work space, and this bold black version of the Herman Miller Mirra 2 looks like it has been given pride of place in its stark surroundings.

The desk is of a Scandinavian style and has rounded edges so that there are no sharp corners to cause painful bumps from its central location.

Behind the desk, a modular storage unit is another place to conceal paper clutter.

Matching the dimensions of the singular work desk, a dining table over in the kitchen area comfortably seats four.

A sizeable piece of artwork is propped casually on the floor, also painted in pale tones to match the decor.

Black window frames are the only other dark element in the scheme to match the black desk chair.

The dining table centrepiece is a clear decorative vase, filled with a handful of simple greenery.

The positioning of white and wood finishes on the desk top and legs has been flipped around on the dining table. Four different chair designs have been grouped together with the dining table to create a relaxed eclectic look.

A rustic style chunky dining pendant light anchors the family friendly eating area in its spot.

A white double-door fridge freezer matches the smooth white kitchen cabinets and colour coordinated countertop. White gloss metro tiles make up the backsplash. The kitchen accents are a combination of shiny chrome and stainless steel, mismatched dishes and clear wine glasses.

The flooring in the hallway is tiled rather than wooden for a more hard wearing, washable finish. Hallway storage has been wall-mounted to allow for easy floor cleaning too, and provides a convenient place to kick shoes under.

Wall-hung cupboards make the floor area appear most spacious. Concealed LED lighting makes a welcoming feature of a recessed shelf, and a couple of chunky door knobs add a little interest to plain white units.

A sliding interior door saves space.

A few knick-knacks adorn the shelves of the white modular unit behind the desk to make it look more homey. The more useful, necessary stuff that may not be as pretty on the eye is tucked out of sight in a selection of easily accessible cupboards and drawers.

In the bedroom, a couple of modern wall sconces are mounted to a panel over the headboard, where some concealed shallow storage cabinets can be found over at the window end.

A cutaway shelf runs the width of the headboard wall, lined with beech wood. Nighttime reading books are stored here, and a there are charge points for mobile phones and tablets.

A selection of small indoor plants bring a little fresh colour into the room, and soften the look of the contemporary built-in dressing table.

The bedcovers are subtly patterned in a white and beige floral print. Sliding beech wood doors indicate a built-in wardrobe, whilst another gives access to a bathroom.

Inside the bathroom beige becomes the leading colour, which is a surprising change after the expanse of white seen over all other areas of the home. A beech wood vanity unit matches beige stone tiles behind the wash basin and around the bath and shower. The flooring, in contrast, is tile of a dark grey hue. Fixtures and fitting are understated and chrome, though the lights remain white like in the outer living areas.

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Superb Kitchen Design

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