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Summer Villa in California Blends With the Vivid Landscape

A holiday-inspiring meadow enriched by giant oaks was the perfect site for this summer villa in California designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop. Providing the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor, this residence in Sonoma blends with the vivid landscape. An outdoor area with swimming pool and a natural pond add to the image of a unique summer refuge.

“The bedrooms, kitchen and support spaces are housed under a living roof that visually links the house to the surrounding environment,” the architects said. “A thin floating roof reaches across the primary outdoor living space to frame the entry and create a dramatic threshold from the car court to the pond beyond.”

The diversity of materials and textures adds to an impressive overall dynamics. Thanks to an abundance of wood and original decorating, the open plan living and kitchen area is as welcoming as it gets.

Sustainability and energy-efficiency were at the heart of the project. Passive cooling strategies, including a cool roof, living roof, heavy insulation, operable windows and large overhangs, allow the house to remain comfortable without the use of air conditioning,” the architects explained. “Photovoltaic powered electric heat pumps provide hot water for in-slab radiant heat and solar hot water panels provide hot water for the pool.” [Information provided by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects; photography by Matthew Millman]
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18 great ideas for a small kitchen. Interior Design

Of course, most housewives are dreaming of a spacious kitchen. But not everyone can afford such a luxury, especially in large cities. But if you think about it, and a small kitchen, you can find its charms — more comfortable, and everything you need at your fingertips. However, to make a small kitchen really comfortable, […]

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