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Three Homes Using Exposed Brick, Wood Panelling and Grey To Their Advantage

Have an exposed brick wall, but not sure what to do with it? These three inspirational homes – sized as smaller apartments or more luxurious two-storey dwellers – use exposed brick, wooden paneling and shades of grey to create modern spaces. Long lines of wood construct kitchens with grey benches ending in exposed brick walls. Wooden doors shake off their natural grooves to reveal bookcases. Exposed brick tiling holds a faucet, and wooden shelving a sink top in a stone bathroom clothed in grey. Get inspiration and design ideas for your exposed brick facades, with these three homes combining brick, wood and grey.

Visualizer: Polygons  

Our first home uses grey, brick and wood in a loft for an IT specialist, a home designed to repel negative thinking and clutter. Opening to the living room, spaced wooden rafters cling to the ceiling, while a relaxed grey couch offers a seat beneath. A base in grey – spreading from two different paint shades in the walls, to a floor rug, coffee table vases and extractor fan high shelving – keeps the mood calm, refreshed and not too busy.

As we zoom further out, the Menu Willmann vases on the coffee table find friends in other small, grey-hued things. A row of aluminium camera lights draw squares around the ceiling; door handles shine bright in silver; a grey abstract houses smaller shades, on the wall opposite. An exposed brick wall makes an appearance to the right.

Looking towards the TV, more exposed brick meets the eye. A standing lamp harks to the rows of camera lights above, boasting a similar style. Wide windows to the right open up the room, lighting a fern and making reflections off the screens. A large grey panel beneath ensures red brick doesn’t dominate.

The dining area wows with modern dining pendants in a lighter grey. Wooden panels show themselves in a reclaimed table and warmer kitchen cabinetry, harking back to the paneling in the kitchen. Two in-built stoves and a mini potted plant also catch the eye.

A front-on view reveals open kitchen shelving, indented stools and a community of lines that stretch across the island, cabinetry, rafters and upper shelving. Here, wooden paneling and grey stone mingle seamlessly, equally sharing the visual impact.

The concrete-walled bedroom offers a similar schematic, with a wide, open space joined by horizontal lines. A low concrete platform raises the futon, which boasts a headboard in brown leather. Grey curtains hide and reveal outside light, while a rough abstract painting harks back to the lounge. A distressed wooden side table holds a Buddha talking to its owner’s beliefs. More camera lights tie in the rest of the interior.

A row of dark glass cabinets form the wardrobe, artfully keeping clothing in whilst alluding to more space.

The office, once hiding behind Japanese doors, makes the most out of more grey and wood. Varnished wooden planks cover one floor and wall, while a concrete door, wall and ceiling keep it from feeling too boxed-in. A high shelf and modern leather chair are welcome elements.

Shrouded mostly in concrete, the bathroom wows with a standing bath in porcelain. Accentuated with black pendant lights, a wooden towel ladder, one-walled shower and dressing chair, it pairs a feeling of elegance with an absence of clutter.

Similar in style, the toilet pairs exposed grey brick tiling, a wooden bench and concrete finishes into a perfect use of space. Lit by a dangling pipe and enlivened by potted grass, it makes this potentially-tiny corridor feel more spacious.

Paired with a mirror to expand the space, wooden paneling and a porcelain block toilet complete the look.

Visualizer: roomdesignburo  

Our next interior, this time a two-floor apartment in a former art studio, uses exposed brick, grey, wood and a dash of turquoise to create a couple’s haven. Inviting us in, the main living space blocks out walls in turquoise and exposed brick, using a layer of white to keep the look open. Grey covers the furniture in an ottoman, island bench and rug. Black joins the party in a stylish accent chair, here the classic Wassily chair, which matches the cactus pots and a squared-off coffee table.

From side-on, a few more black elements make an appearance. Modern end tables with black stencil legs and a wooden top accompany the sofa. A black TV occupies a plinth, while the panel underneath gives it structure.

Looking towards the turquoise wall, two levels emerge. A zig-zagging wooden floor keeps the look cohesive, while white, glass, black and grey play.

Another column in brick meets the eye behind a bevy of kitchen bar stools. Turquoise shows the way upstairs, while full-length white windows illuminate.

Above zig-zagging wood, beside exposed brick and leading up to a room in white runs the staircase, a series of classic steps that almost appear to be floating. A touch of turquoise to the back reflects off a pane of glass railings.

Unframed glass barriers keep the view unobstructed. Framed by a L-shape in white, grey elements in the kitchen island, rug and sofa reappear.

Stretching along the bedrooms and towards the study, the lower level’s zigzagging wood connects the interior. Glass doors and a white wall at the end make its corridor appear bigger.

From a bedroom to the study, the interior’s central elements become more prominent. Turquoise covers a wall to the side, as exposed brick stretches from the ground floor to the ceiling. Curtains in grey tie in the couches, while wood constructs a row of low-down bookcases. White adds light to the rest.

Closing off the space, a model for double workspaces looks out. Exposed brick covers the one side, black stencil door frames the other, as white cubby chairs work together on a shared wooden desk.

Visualizer: Sikora Wnętrza  

Our final space, a 100sqm apartment in Gdansk, Poland, combines exposed brick, wood and grey with a bevy of comic strips. Opening naturally to the living room, exposed red brick meets with black dining room pendants, large wooden panels and furniture in light wood and grey, which together exude a relaxed attitude. Small details in pop-art fridge magnets, an open comic book and a bookcase lined with vinyls foreshadow elements to come.

As a round light hugs the ceiling, a strip of comics heads the kitchen, an unusual surprise above a black iron frame. Whilst the dining table turns industrial with steel legs and bolts, more exposed brick reveals itself in a small wall by the door.

Looking towards the kitchen, the comic strip dominates. Its frame over the kitchen makes the people within seem characters, performing real-life charades in their everyday business.

As we glance in the bedroom’s direction, a multitude of browns become apparent. Light wood connects the rooms, creating space. Grained wood covers the kitchen, storage cabinets and entrance. The bedroom’s door frame is coloured in dark brown paint, a subtle shade that keeps the look eclectic.

Although the rooms seem ever-changing, similar materials and shades ensure they don’t look busy. In the living room, monochrome plays in the light fixture, wood covers the bookcase, and grey offers a seat. In the kitchen, monochromes play in the kitchen frame, wood covers a bench, and grey offers a washable concrete floor.

Details in the comics also add contrast, with illustrations juxtaposing against smooth surfaces.

A scattering of books shows the owner’s character. Pin-up girl clippings cover the coffee table, while a diary shows usage in a place on the couch. The feature bookcase provides an opportunity for snooping.

Dull and shiny materials add depth to the interior. Shiny black appliances, hanging pendants, a fridge and splashback tiles work well in the kitchen, where long swathes of rough or grainy wood make the space feel more traditional.

As the door to the bedroom beckons, we find ourselves in a room peppered with Japanese-style windows, a bedside drum and modern wall sconces. A dark grey feature wall plays beside a wooden bed frame and almost-matching floor.

Leaning in closer to the bed, similar shades play with textures in a wooden headboard, polished wooden drums and light fur pillows. Black elements in the wall sconces and window frames polish off the look.

A bath lurks from afront the bed, in an adjacent bathroom. Snuggling into the corner, its grey walls mix with a thick white towel rail and Japanese windows, which slide to enclose the bedroom.

Harking to the bedroom’s feature, another grey wall holds a set of drawers reminiscent of the bookcase. A couple of framed paintings evidence different artistic tastes.

Another sitting room peeks around the corner, filled with musical instruments and entertainment. Afront wood shrouding a wall and door, a violin relaxes beside its case, while the bedroom’s bedside table holds the latest magazines.

As the sitting room offers more musical fixtures in an electric guitar and amp, its black wall and wooden floor link back to the bedroom and corridor.

Wood closes off the wardrobe and covers a side table, a perfect place for a weary diary and hat from yesteryear.

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Wood Covered Industrial Interior Accented With 1940’s Inspired Palette

The visually warming effect of wood tone can make for a very inviting interior. Most popularly lately, we have seen expanses of wood tone working beautifully alongside shades of grey and white. Monochrome always looks chic but what if you fancy a splash of something a little more playful? The colourful elements of this wood covered interior, designed by Olha Wood, come in cheerful tones of coral pink, sunny yellow, muted red, pale turquoise and azure blue. The 1940’s inspired palette is juxtaposed with industrial styling, such as raw concrete accent walls and minimalist lighting fixtures, plus a selection of much heavier looking black pieces that appear throughout.

Starting in the living room we get a flavour of the 1940s colour clash right off the bat. A coral pink upholstered sofa sits in the same space as two cheerful yellow chairs and a roof red bookcase. The scene is set against a wooden backdrop that looks onto concrete columns, between which a flat screen television nestles. Matching the grey of the concrete columns is a stout grey coffee table by the sofa.

A black swing arm wall lamp lights the chaise part of the four seater pink sofa. The Counterbalance Swing Arm LED Wall Light is well situated for use next to the book collection.

The herringbone floor has a wonderful striped effect.

The yellow modern outdoor chairs have an open weave that allows the line of sight to move on into the kitchen area with little obstruction, though the colour of the Acapulco Chair does coax the eye to linger a little.

Modern pitchers make easy decoration in an open plan lounge-kitchen-diner.

The kitchen is another imposing installation of wood tone, forming almost a mirror image with that found over in the lounge. Here the expanse of brown is broken by a crisp central kitchen island.

The concrete pillars run the full length of the open plan room.

Behind one of the concrete pillars nestles a wooden dining set with Scandinavian style chairs.

Gold coloured industrial style lighting decorates the space above the dining table. Here we can also see the extent of the built-in bed of shrubs that runs the entire length of the room, situated beneath the large windows. A concrete beam runs above it.

In the kitchen we find muted red shelves that match the bookcase in the lounge.

The layout of the apartment is designed around taking in the view.

A black sink is camouflaged against a black countertop to one side of the kitchen.

A patterned multicoloured floor rug brings all the hues of the apartment so far together in one place.

Here a bookcase doubles up as a room divider between a sleeping area and a small bedroom lounge where the spectacular views can be enjoyed, or a book can be read from the bookcase in bright natural light.

A wood console stands against another wooden dividing wall. This time the other side of the divide takes us into a closet.

An industrial style pendant light hangs by the bedside, and lights the way to an ensuite bathroom.

One wall of the closet is lined with mirrors, which makes a narrow hallway appear more open and bright.

The closet doors are fully glazed, and the contents are able to be viewed from both sides of the closet volume that backs onto the bathroom.

In the ensuite bathroom a black basin and industrial light contrast against a white freestanding bathtub and white faucet.

A cylindrical coral pink and light turquoise side table is situated by the bath. The bathtub is set upon a higher floor level, which gives the bathing area a look of being centre stage. A feature wall of white tiling matches the white floor of the platform.

An installation of wall vases hold a sprinkling of greenery in the bathroom to bring in a relaxing hint of nature.

Back in the bedroom we get a better look at the reading area beyond the room dividing bookcase. Two soft armchairs make this a spot for a couple. A golden wall sconce provides some extra lighting. A small round end table gives a place to rest the morning coffee cups and a few current magazines.

In the home entryway we find a continuation of attractive herringbone floor, and more wooden storage options.

A coral bench brings a splash of the 1940’s colour through into the welcoming area, set to make a bright first impression.

A neat half moon console table stands beneath a small round mirror and a minimalist light. This providing an opportune place to check ones appearance before leaving and drop keys on return.

The home plan gives us a much clearer view of how the glass sided closet runs along a narrow hallway off the bedroom toward a separate end closet, whilst also being accessible from the bathroom. We can also see on this plan how the platform that runs beneath the bathtub seems to continue on for some distance, where it holds a shower cubicle, WC and bidet. Through this digital sketch it becomes clear that the reading area in the bedroom looks directly out into the living room, giving more weight to the implementation of the bookcase room divider between the sleeping area.

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  A wooden cubby shelf and countertop complement the wall treatment.  

A Cozy Ecostyle Apartment in Lviv

The marriage of minimalism and eco-friendly design choices is a match made in heaven in this ecostyle apartment in Lviv, Ukraine. Realized by the visualizers at Fog Architecture, the house takes the clean lines and neutral color palettes of minimalism and combines them with luscious natural materials — especially wood — for a sunny, cozy feel throughout. From the open floor plan living area to the pops of color and light in the bedroom to the relaxing sea-colored chaise on the balcony, this home is exceptionally liveable and beautiful. Take a step inside and get inspired for your own eco-makeover.

The main living area is not extremely spacious, but the use of neutral colors like gray and white make it feel somewhat bigger.

Other design tricks, like a recessed television, make for a bit more space as well.

One design element that must be mentioned in this main area is the uniquely texture wall. This creative addition lends quite a bit of personality to the home.

Overall, comfort is key in this apartment, with this cozy gray chair acting as just one example.

While guests may move directly into the living area, the entryway is the first thing they see, so the design of that space is important if you want a welcoming environment.

The creative coat storage on the wall bring in that natural wood element while also being quite practical.

In the small dining area, the natural wood theme carries over in the table itself as well as the flooring.

Overhead and undercabinet lighting is a necessary addition to the kitchen and dining space.

A creative faucet design is both practical and beautiful.

In addition to fairly standard wood cabinets and countertops, the use of different types of wood in the backsplash pattern is a lovely touch.

Of course, there is no better way to bring nature into a design than with the use of actual plants, as seen in this unique and modern moss wall, which also acts as a divider between the kitchen and living areas.

The moss brings a vibrant splash of color into an otherwise neutral room.

Speaking of pops of color, the purple accents in the bedroom are quite decadent.

And if the purple color wasn’t royal enough, the glamorous vanity mirror design adds even more style.

A creative overhead light fixture diffuses light for a flattering evening glow.

The purple wood slat design over the bed is both a design feature and gives another space for recessed lighting to hide.

The home office area is also quite cozy, and keeps with the more neutral theme of the home’s public spaces.

Space and light to work are plentiful.

The black office chair blends with black cabinetry while a few splashes of yellow find their way into the room as well.

More plants ensure the ecostyle is not forgotten, even when work needs to be done.

In the bathroom-cum-laundry, white and wood are a classic combination.

The honeycomb patterned tile is a bit playful, but stays in the neutral category with its colors.

Wood flooring climbs up onto the walls as well as the cabinets for a unified feel.

Of course, the stylish bathroom includes all the necessities as well.

A second, smaller bathroom uses white and wood too, but takes a more dramatic tack with its tile work.

A corner shower is small but large enough to do the job.

The honeycomb tiles in this space are white on white, which is a classic choice for a bath.

The honeycomb design is carried over into this decorative shelving unit as well.

Angular door hardware adds an artistic, modern element as well.

This is a unique take on mirrored closet doors, partially covered.

The colors in the design are somewhat brighter with greens and blues coming into play.

The honeycomb tile from the larger bath repeats outside, too.

Finally, a cozy reading nook continues the celebration of nature.

Lavender, yellow, blue and white are calming and clean.

The perfect space to spend a quite afternoon.

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Historic Chapel in Belgium Converted into Architecture Office

This historic chapel in Belgium was recently converted by Studio klaarchitectuur into an unconventional office space. Dubbed Waterdog, the project aims to transform architecture work into an almost spiritual experience.

“Due to the chapel’s status as a listed building, the renovation project was bound by several limitations,” the architects said. “For instance, it was vital the historical character of the building remained intact. This was achieved by erecting a brand-new construction from scratch, completely separate from the historic building, in sharp contrast with the old walls.”

A large, sumptuous space was maintained at the heart of the building, with work areas located at the rear of the chapel. Ceiling vaults add to the grandeur of the space.

“By stacking the different offices and spreading out the various departments across different floors, a constant sense of dynamism is created in the workspace,” the architects added. “No more dull and unimaginative offices; be inspired by a challenging working environment where past, present and future are inextricably linked.”

Even though the building is primarily an office space for the architecture studio, some of its areas are open to the public and various events are expected to take place here. Photography by Marc Scheepers, Flos&Beeldpunt, Toon Grobet.

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