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Decorating with Mustard Yellow for a Mid-century Holiday Season

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Want to add an unexpected color to your modern decor? Decorating with mustard yellow may be the answer. The warm, golden tone is a perfect addition to your everyday neutrals like whites, tans and greys. Also known as golden yellow, saffron and maize, the warm, rich hue of yellow adds a fresh pop to your home, especially during the holidays. Check out these ideas and mustard yellow home decor in stores now.

Decorating with mustard yellow in the kitchen and dining room

decorating with mustard yellow -

Mustard yellow accents include the glass pendants and tiles on the wall. Image: HGTV

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Mid century modern yellow ideas -

Mustard yellow accents warm up the cool tones of the space. Image: Zac and Zac

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how to decorate with yellow -

Velvet mid-century modern dining chairs in mustard yellow add a bit of fun contrast to this blue space. Image: Leivars

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Decorating with mustard yellow in the living room

mustard yellow and saffron colors -

Throw pillows, a framed print and a vase in the window add a touch of golden yellow to warm up the grey and white living room. Image: Elle Decor UK

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adding yellow home accents -

An elegant space of blackened white gets small touches of mustard yellow. Image: Elle Decor Italia

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Add the golden mustard color in your bedroom

yellow bedding -

Add a quilted mustard yellow blanket to your bedding layers. Image: Room and Board

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mustard yellow bedroom -

Mustard looks most contemporary with cooler tones like taupe, mocha, grey and white. Image: Clem Around the Corner

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Holiday decorating with mustard yellow

yellow for the holidays -

Warm and brighten up the holiday table with pops of vibrant mustard yellow. Image: Country Living

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yellow for the holidays -
yellow for the holidays -

Where will you add some mustard yellow to your home for the holidays?

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The Top 3 Reasons to Add a Pergola to your Entertainment Area

Who does not like creating a place to entertain guests and other family members in their homes? While it’s great to entertain guests inside your home, having an outdoor entertainment area is also a good idea. Especially during the summer months, it would be a better idea to have a barbecue outside the house and enjoy the summer breeze.

If you want to add more a touch of elegance to your entertainment area, why not add a pergola to your entertainment area? This structure may be simple to look at, but with a few unique touches, it will truly add to the beauty of your outdoor area.

Photo by Yardscapes Northwest

They are not that expensive so you do not need to spend so much money, plus you have a lot of materials to choose from. Your pergola can be made metal or wood. It all depends on your taste and budget of course. There are some that even combine the pergola with other structures such as gazebos.

Photo by Archadeck of Charlotte

If you still need more convincing, read the list below and check out the reasons why adding a pergola in your outdoor entertainment area is a good idea.

It can protect you, your family and your furniture from natural elements

Enjoying a beautiful summer day with your family is always an enjoyable time, but not when it gets too hot and you end suffering from sunburn. But staying indoors can also make you feel stuffy and hot. The perfect solution is to install a pergola in your backyard. It can protect you from the hot sun as there are pergolas that have the option of a canopy installed with it. The lightweight covering can be used as needed so if it is not too hot, you can just enjoy the open space of the pergola. There can also be additional shade if you decide to grow some plants that need support such as ivy or wisteria.

Photo by Weisz Selection Lawn & Landscape Services, Inc.

It can be a space to grow plants

If you like gardening and sprucing up your backyard, you’ll surely enjoy the addition of a pergola. Imagine the beams overflowing with climbing plants such as grapes, wisteria or honeysuckle. The beautiful plants can create a natural ceiling and shade for you as they intertwine with the boards of the pergola. If you do not like climbing plants, you can still just hang plants from the board to add more decorations to your pergola. All these do not only provide additional shade, but also privacy for you and your guests when you hold your parties or barbecue night.

Photo by Melbourne Total Landscaping

It can add value to your home

You may not be thinking about selling your home now, but if the future, if you do decide to sell your home, adding a pergola now would be a good idea. Even with just a small amount of money, you can add as much as 20% value to your home if your backyard has a beautiful landscaping.

Photo by HighCraft Builders

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A Modest Sized Apartment That Makes The Best Use Of Available Space

Whilst we all love to stretch out and wander around an enormous home tour, or drool over a cool cutting edge interior, sometimes we crave a bit of cosy home comfort. The nesting instinct in us appreciates the beauty of a more compact bolthole, with cushiony furnishings and uplifting colour. Well if you’re feeling ready to wrap yourself up in a blanket of hominess then this apartment design from the shore of the Volga river, Tolyatti, Russia is just for you. Visualised by the team at Vagon Architects, this welcoming decor makes us want to crack open a paperback and curl up on the purple sofa!

Due to the modest proportions of this riverside home, the walls have been painted white to increase the sense of space and light. The apartment interior was designed for a young family with three children, so the added chaise section of the sofa provides additional sitting space. Two small wooden coffee tables provide a spot for drinks and snacks.

In the same compact space, a four place dining table sits beneath an eye-catching pendant light. The dining chairs are mismatched to create an interesting eclectic look. Flower vases are a great way to add hominess to a room and the one in this space doubles as a table centrepiece.

The sofa is upholstered in a warm and inviting purple fabric, which has been coupled with squared pattern throw cushions and a matching blanket to snuggle in.

The purple modern sofa sits on top of a large bordered grey rug, which both warms up the floor for cold toes and defines the visual boundary of the living room from the dining area.

Bespoke wall shelves have been built into one side of the room. This shelving further defines the eating area from the lounge, as the shelves form a backdrop for the dining table. The other half of the room holds the home’s audiovisual equipment against a blank wall for the projector image.

Through the windows we can see the picturesque view over the banks of the Volga River. The view and natural sunlight from the windows is unobscured by the walls and doors of this home because they are all made from safety glass, strikingly framed in black.

The dining room area leads straight off the kitchen for handy transfer of food and dishes. The doors here slide back to save space.

The kitchen is made up of simple white units with understated handles. The main decoration in this space comes from an expanse of pretty blue and white patterned tiling. In contrast to the stainless steel sink, oven, extractor and fridge freezer, the three kitchen pendant lights are gloss black.

The pale countertop is kept clear except for an indoor herb planter at the wooden framed window. A small white corner shelf holds a selection of spice jars, which provide an additional little splash of colour. Limiting the wall cupboards to just one side of the kitchen helps the room to feel more spacious.

In the master bedroom, a small retro shaped floor lamp stands over a comfortable reading chair, opposite another tall white bookcase. Again, the shelving is a custom built design that extends all the way up to the ceiling to make the most of the available space. Navy curtains match the bedding.

The navy accents complement the taupe upholstered bed base and headboard, and the ottoman at the foot of the bed.

The bed and side tables fit snuggly into the space between the bespoke bookcase and the opposite wall, not wasting an inch. The units hold bedside lamps to allow late night reading from the extensive neighbouring book collection.

Stylish stylish ergonomic chairs seem a must for the avid readers in this home because we find another one in this bedroom decor scheme, situated by a floor lamp. More shelves house a collection of books in this space too, making use of the narrow vertical space by the window. This time the bookcase is coupled with a built-in desk that runs the remaining width of the room. A desk lamp sits at one end of the long wooden worktop.

An eclectic patterned chest of drawers makes a quirky focal point. The teal colourway is picked out by a similarly hued plant pot and candle holder.

The bed in this room is a very traditional design with a tufted headboard, upholstered in green. This is juxtaposed by a somewhat modern monochrome console table and minimalistic mirror.

The bathroom is a mix of grey, white and solid wood tone.

A set of wooden shelves are recessed into the space above the toilet to create extra storage with toiletries and lotions.

A small nook by the front door has been utilised to create a bench seat, a perfect place to pop on shoes that are perhaps stored in the mirrored closet to one side.

Looking down the hallway, it’s evident that the interior glazed walls let in the maximum possible amount of natural light. The mirrored door on the hallway cupboard helps bounce the light around the space.

Leading out from the living room, we can see one more opportunity for book storage. A number of base cabinets run along the lower half of the unit, offering a concealed storage option for items that don’t belong on display shelves.

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7 Beautiful Examples To Help You Design A Room For A Young Girl

A bedroom is such an important space for a child. As a kid, having your own room means more than privacy — it means having a space to keep your precious possessions, to retreat with your friends, and to start to create your own identity and sense of style. But it’s not always easy for parents to marry their own aspirational style with their child’s desire for autonomy and fun. In this post, you’ll see rooms that are designed intentionally for young girls. While not all girls will have the same tastes, these rooms combine elements of whimsy, fashion, color, and fun but do so in a sophisticated way.

Visualizer: Việt Dũng  

While pink may seem a bit cliche for a girl’s room, in this first room, it’s used stylishly without the cloying sweetness of some designs.

The flamingo pink shelving along with unique painted planters and Rosendahl Wooden Toys ages up this particular room.

The large bed features a unique carved headboard in the shape of a tree, really encapsulating the natural yet playful look of this room.

With plenty of storage and a creative use of color, this girl’s room is both practical and fun.

Visualizer: Kristina Bilynets  

This next room goes for a more Parisian-inspired use of pink and includes sophisticated elements like bedroom pendant lights and a geometric area rug.

Kids need a place to study and if it can be bright and cute, its more likely to get used.

The pink, black and white theme is a classic look for accent pieces while practical elements like a laundry basket and flooring stay in the neutral realm.

With curtains drawn, this fashionable young lady can pop in a movie and watch it projected on her wall.

Visualizer: Andrey Korznyakov  

Of course, pink does not have to be main feature in any girl’s room. This next space uses pink very sparingly to great effect.

Coupled with pops of color, unique wall designs — whether painting or decals — can add a of fun to a girl’s room.

Both a teepee design and a series of completely adorable animals make this particular room instantly welcoming to any youngster.

Visualizer: Ira Shestopalova  

For a girl that’s less “cute” and more “royal” big bold elements like a personal chandelier can go a long way while a simple desk chair maintains balance.

The use of unique wall shelves is both practical and fun.

Fun elements like cloud lights and bird figurines do not have to be limited to girls rooms. Any kid’s decor choices should include plenty of playfulness.

The wall treatment in this room is particularly notable for its undone, mountain-inspired look.

Finally, the use of wall sconces continues the almost princess-look of the overhead lighting.

Visualizer: Iryna Savchenko  

For those kids (or parents) who may trend a bit darker, there are still solutions.

The gray look comes complete with a Cloud LED Night Light to really drive home that cool, overcast feel.

The use of kids’ night lights like this Miffy Lamp (the one that looks like a bunny) can be very comforting for some children.

Not to mention, the right night light can double as a toy and even a piece of artwork.

The Sleepy Eyes Wall Decor are just one more way to remind the occupant of this cozy room that it’s past her bedtime.

It’s important to remember, when designing a kids room, that indoor house plants are not just for adults. In this two-toned room the window and a modern floor lamp shed plenty of light to keep greenery alive. (Ok, the lamp won’t actually keep them alive).

The muted tones are perfect for a girl who insists on her own maturity, but isn’t quite ready to grow up.

Open shelving encourages neatness, but might not be enough to make sure the bed is made.

A pink pouf acts as seating while the bed and spacious desk give plenty of flexibility for doing work or just hanging out.

The mauve pink color works very well in this space, feeling both fun and sophisticated.

The final room moves completely away from the idea of pink, instead veering towards grays and blues.

A gooseneck table lamp works perfectly on a large desk, nestled underneath the attic skylight.

Further, a unique bedside lamp adds a bit of interest to the somewhat simple sleeping area with its color as well as its shape.

You can’t beat the way natural light streams in from a skylight — although it may make for early risers.

Visualizer: Tаrаs Horoduskyy   

With plenty of light and plenty of space, this cute blue room would be any little girl’s dream.

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