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SATSIVI — Tasty Turkey

  Ingredients: Turkey-1 kg onions-600 g cilantro-to taste walnuts-300 g garlic-2 cloves salt — to taste ground black pepper-to taste


  Amazing sauce of lime juice and orange with garlic will give the meat an unforgettable spicy aroma, light sharpness, rich taste and honey notes. Ingredients: pork ribs-500 g lime — 1 PC – small orange — 1 PC – garlic-2 cloves mustard — 1 tablespoon ground paprika-to taste ground black pepper-to taste olive oil-1 […]

Turkey shish kebab with pepper

The recipe for cooking lean shish kebab from turkey meat. 6 servings Ingredients turkey fillet — 1,5 kg large bulbs — 3 pcs. coriander — 50 g sour cream — 70 g ketchup — 100 g sweet pepper — 2 pods

Casserole with pork tenderloin and potatoes

A hearty casserole, which will completely come down as a main dish for dinner. 4 servings Ingredients potatoes — 800 g bulb — 1 pc. green onion — 2 stems tomatoes — 3 pcs. pork tenderloin — 600 g

Chanakhi in pots with beef — is a luxurious aroma dish

  Chanakhi from beef in pots is a luxurious aroma dish, cooked according to Georgian traditions. To the classic recipe of meat component is lamb, but those who are unpleasant with the sharp smell of this meat can take no less appetizing beef. With vegetables, you can experiment, white beans for the dish are cooked […]

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