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Like a cat overcome half a continent?Сute cats

Like a cat overcome half a continent? Interesting facts about cats It is not unique, but it is surprising and delight, there was a story with a cat named Sugar on. She was born weak, with a rare strain tibia with the left hand in the small California town of Anderson is located on the […]

Why cats are so fond of the box? Funny cute

Why cats are so fond of the box? Interesting facts about cats ] The first thing that comes to mind when trying to explain this craving for cardboard — that cat predators by nature, and therefore like to sit in ambush. But it soon becomes apparent that this, at least not one reason for such […]

Сute cats -Why cat needs a mustache?

Why cat needs a mustache?  Interesting facts about cats The cat, on average 12 mobile whiskers on each side of the muzzle. At the base of the whiskers has a large number of nerve endings, so the cat with the help of these receives the information about everything that surrounds it — about things, wind, […]

How old is the oldest dog in the world? Interesting facts about dogs

How old is the oldest dog in the world? I’m resting We — friendly company   Who am I?.. 1. Dogs have a unique hearing. Their ears are able to register over 35 000 vibrations per second. For comparison — the man fixes only 20,000 vibrations. Dog ears exceeds 75% human. 2. Longevity. It is […]

Сute dogs.Interesting facts about dogs

The dog saved its owner … Man dog — a friend One photo in the social network recently made known to the whole world 49-year-old American from Wisconsin John Unger and his dog, Shep. And the story of their friendship began about 20 years ago, when Shep was rescued from the suicide of his master, […]

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