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Interesting facts about cats . Funny cats

Cats tend to be right-handed, and cats — left-hander. Among the owners of the cats by 17% more people with advanced degrees. Cats do not feel the sweetness.

Interesting facts about cats and kittens. Funny cats

1.  Interesting facts about cats and kittens .

The most interesting facts about cats. Top 10 facts. Funny cats

1. Cats — known domestic healers. According to scientists, rather pat pet to lower blood pressure, calm. Therefore, in the house where live cats easier to tolerate stress, the family becomes more harmonious and friendly. 2. Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees. Do they succeed thanks to the special structure of the body. Each […]

What is the heaviest dog? Funny dogs

Сute dogs — Interesting facts about dogs 1. Scientists still have not figured out what animal was the ancestor of the dog — it can be either a wolf or a jackal. There are legends that existed beast, combining the quality of both — volkoshakal. 2. In dogs, there is no full color vision. How, […]

Сute cats — Interesting facts about cats

Funny cats Aylurofiliey referred too strong love for these cute animals. The owners of cats at 30% reduced risk of heart attack or stroke. Although IQ cats several times lower than the dog, cats are able to solve more complex zadachi.Vam are nothing like?

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