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Puff pastry: a classic recipe and dishes from it

The recipe for puff pastry for sweet and salty baking. Puff pastry: a classic recipe and dishes from it This dough is considered almost the top of the confectionery art. But if you cook it according to all the rules, then it will certainly turn out — so much so that the purchase with it […]

Hamburger with grilled chicken and cheese

We cook a homemade hamburger with chopped chopped beef. 4 servings Ingredients bulb — 1 pc. garlic — 1 clove chopped beef — 600 g large tomato — 1 pc. buns for hamburgers — 4 pcs. tomato sauce — 4 tbsp. l. lettuce — 4 leaves

Sandwich with turkey and mozzarella

For 2 servings: 50 g of arugula 2 cloves of garlic 100 g of peeled walnuts 50 grams of hard cheese 80 ml of olive oil 8 slices of toast bread

Burger with fish and tender yoghurt sauce

  For 2 servings: 4 slices of smoked ham or bacon 4 pieces of white fish fillets (150 g each) 4 tbsp. l. vegetable oil 1 fresh cucumber 1 stem of green onion 2 sprigs of dill

Pizza with spinach and eggs

An uncomplicated recipe for a delicious and nutritious morning snack. 6 servings Ingredients frozen puff yeast dough — 200 g spinach — 200 g champignons — 100 g hard cheese — 100 g bulb — 1 pc. garlic — 1 clove chili pepper — 1/2 pod

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