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  Tender and juicy meat, broccoli and appetizing Golden cheese crust. Ingredients: chicken breast-150 g mozzarella cheese-150 g broccoli-300 g chicken eggs — 4 PCs – green onions-50 g salt, spices-to taste refined vegetable oil for greasing forms Preparation:


  Poultry meat is tender and captivates with its taste from the first piece. Ingredients: chicken broiler weighing 1-1. 5 kg; butter-80 grams; sage (fresh or dried) — 1 tablespoon; lemon-2 PCs — ; garlic-10 cloves; milk-500 -700 ml; salt, pepper to taste Preparation:

Chicken rolls with ham, broccoli and cheese

  Ingredients for 4 servings: semi-hard cheese (Russian, marble or other similar) 50 grams broccoli (thawed pre-frozen) 100 grams chicken fillet 4 PCs. thin slices of ham 8 PCs. salt & pepper to taste wheat flour 1 tablespoon Sauce chicken broth 100 ml. butter 25 grams lemon juice 1 tablespoon

How to cook a chicken with a crispy crust

We disclose the secret of how to make a crispy chicken. It is marinated in lemon-garlic marinade and served with yoghurt sauce. Ingredients chicken — 1 pc garlic — 2 cloves lemon juice — 2 tbsp. l. eggs — 2 pieces flour — 50 g bread crumbs — 100 g

Stuffed Chicken Thigh

This is an excellent simple dish, which can easily cook a tired hostess for a small amount of time. To learn how to do this, read our step-by-step instructions. Cut a chicken drumstick over the joint, then make incisions at the base of the shin, until the bone. Separate the meat from the bone, turn […]

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