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  Preparation: Dough: 1.160 ml milk bring to a boil and add poppy seeds. Boil until thick. Cool. 2.Softened butter beat with sugar in a lush mass, until white. 3.Sift together flour, starch, salt and baking powder. 4.Mix the dry mixture, boiled poppy seeds, whipped butter and the remaining milk. 5.Beat egg whites with sugar […]

Cake from 2 types of chocolate

  Ingredients: The foundation: 60 g cookie crumbs 5 tablespoons butter Filling: 375 g cream cheese 3/4 cup sugar

Cake «Winter strawberry» is perfect for the holiday table

It is tasty and light. When the table is full of food, then this dessert is just a find for dessert. It can be prepared with fruits and berries to taste: strawberries, kiwi, peach, apricot, currant …. Surprise your loved ones!) Ingredients for sponge cake: 6 eggs; 300 g of sugar; 6 tbsp. l cocoa; […]


  Cake according to the proposed recipe is high, lush and very tasty. Ingredients: For the dough: flour-3,5-4 cups; butter (or margarine) — 125 gr.; sugar — 1 Cup; honey liquid 3 tbsp.; soda-1 tsp (do not extinguish); egg — 2 PCs.;

Cherry cake with cream of mascarpone cheese

Ingredients: Biscuit ingredients: * Egg – 3 PCs. * Sugar – 150 gr. * Flour – 150 gr. Cream ingredients: * Cream 33-35% — 250 ml. * Sugar (I took powdered sugar) — 150 gr. * Mascarpone cheese-250 gr. Filling:

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