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Strawberry dessert

  Ingredients: Strawberries 300.0 g Sugar powder 30.0 g Jelly 1.0 package Cottage cheese 300.0 g Sugar sand of 2.0 tbsp. Sour cream 3.0 tbsp. Water simple 100.0 ml Gelatin 10.0 g Preparation:

Wonderful cottage cheese dessert

  If you want to grab something delicious, low-calorie (which is important after a lot of New Year holidays), and even spend a minimum of time preparing a meal – we offer a recipe for a wonderful curd dessert that will not leave anyone indifferent. To prepare it you will need the following ingredients: Cottage […]

Curd-banana mousse

  Ingredients: ● Soft cheese – 100 g ● Banana – 2 PCs ●Sour cream / low-fat cream / yogurt – 150 g ● Lemon ● Gelatin – 15 g ● Sweetener – to taste Preparation:


  INGREDIENTS: ● 200 gr. any shortbread ● 200 gr. low-fat cottage cheese ● 100 gr. sour cream ● 50 grams. sugar ● 1 tsp coffee ● vanilla ● cocoa PREPARATION:

Tiramisu with strawberries and cherries.

  3 packs of savoyardi for 12 pcs. 300ml. cream 250g cream chiz (any curd cheese) 2 packs of thickener cream (1 patch.idet for 250ml) 750g strawberry (fresh or frozen) 300g cherry canned (can be frozen, pitted)

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