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Curd dessert with dried apricots — Delicious!

Cottage cheese mass will be more gentle and lush if you beat it with a mixer or properly «turn» it in a blender. Ingredients cottage cheese (fat content not less than 9%) — 300 g Butter — 50 g powdered sugar — 2 tbsp. l. vanillin — pinch dried apricots — 100 g coconut shaving […]

Tiramisu in 5 minutes

  Ingredients: 110 g of cream cheese 5 tablespoons condensed milk 4 tablespoons of fatty cream 3 drops of vanilla 1 Cup of coffee Cookies «ladies’ fingers” Grated chocolate Preparation:

Jelly «Festive»  

4 servings Ingredients eggs — 8 pcs. cherry, lemon, apple, orange jelly — 1 sachet Nucleoli of walnuts — 8 halves grapes (red and white) — 8 berries cream (fat content 33%) — 200 g powdered sugar — 100 g

Dessert with chocolate

  6 servings Ingredients gelatin — 8 g orange juice — 40 ml mascarpone — 250 g cream (fat content 33%) — 250 ml bitter chocolate — 100 g chocolate biscuit cakes — 2 pcs.

Pomegranate bracelet — Original and delicious cake

Cooking Desserts Cake «Garnet Bracelet» Prepare a colored biscuit. But first you need to make the necessary preparations. Cut off a suitable piece of parchment paper so that it covers the whole bottom of the baking tray for the biscuit and slightly closes its sidewalls. Measure the height of your cake shape and the length […]

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