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Chocolate mini cupcakes in glasses

Cupcakes with chocolate are recommended to serve with ice cream or whipped cream. For 6 servings: Ingredients eggs — 4 pcs. fine sugar — 200 g red dry wine — 70 m flour — 200 g cornstarch — 50 g cocoa powder 20 g

Cupcakes with nuts

A recipe for making a nut dessert for the whole family. For 4 servings: Ingredients bitter chocolate — 200 g boiled beets — 200 g eggs — 3 pcs. sugar — 200 g salt — a pinch lemon juice — 1 tsp.

Cupcakes of chocolate paste

  To better bake cupcakes, bake them in small silicone molds. In the dough, you can add nuts, candied fruit or raisins. Ingredients: chocolate paste-200 g, eggs — 2 PCs – , self-rising flour-150 g – Preparation:

Cupcake classic

Is it not true, when you say «classic cupcake», first of all you see this equally strict and pretentious form of the product with hollows and bulges, remotely resembling an inverted daisy. But, however, it can be baked in the form of an elongated loaf or loaf. The main thing in a cake is not […]

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