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Сute cats — Interesting facts about cats

Funny cats Aylurofiliey referred too strong love for these cute animals. The owners of cats at 30% reduced risk of heart attack or stroke. Although IQ cats several times lower than the dog, cats are able to solve more complex zadachi.Vam are nothing like?

Facts about cats: the fun!

Funny cats All people on earth are divided into 2 categories — dog lovers and cat owner. And speaking of cats, then the question arises: How can you not love these cute and also harmful creatures? Facts about cats: the fun! Cats tend to be right-handed, but the cats — left-handers. Scientists usually prefer cats […]

The heaviest cat. Сute cats

The heaviest cat…Interesting facts about cats In the United States died the thickest CAT In Santa Fe, New Mexico, died a cat named Meow, who was called the fattest cat in the US and possibly worldwide. 18-kilogram (39 pound) animal died on Saturday, 5 May 2012.

Сute and Amazing cats

Сute and funny cats

Сute cats -Why cat needs a mustache?

Why cat needs a mustache?  Interesting facts about cats

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