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Chevy Camaro Z28. BEST CAR

Updated Audi Q3. BEST CAR

Mitsubishi will present in Paris, a new cross-concept — GT-PHEV.

The company Mitsubishi Motors will present at the Paris Motor Show a new concept crossover GT-PHEV with a hybrid power plant. His task — to show progress in the design and potential of the brand in the development of hybrid technology. The Mitsubishi GT-PHEV prototype design based on the concept of Dynamic Shield, expressed in […]

The most fuel-efficient cars -3. BEST CARS

Cadillac ELR 2014 The hybrid car market increased luxury class with the Cadillac ELR. The first performance took place ELR world in 2009, and in 2013 has already started mass production in the Chevrolet Volt platform.

The most expensive car in the world (4 photos)

The most expensive car is today considered the Maybach Exelero and it’s true. Let it not as fast as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport or the SSC Ultimate Aero II, but still it is more expensive of the two fastest cars on the planet. Price Maybach Exelero begins its countdown from 8 million US dollars […]

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