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Beef and pork meatballs

  Meatballs will be more juicy, if you add a bowl of green onions. Ingredients beef pulp — 200 g Pork pulp — 300 g wheat bread — 2 slices garlic — 1 clove green onions — 50 g

Delicious cutlets from minced pork

  Cooking Meat All of us have got used to cutlets from the mixed forcemeat, pork and beef, but in the given recipe the recipe is offered not less tasty cutlet only from pork minced meat. Of course, the cutlets are slightly fatty, but nourishing, tasty and will feed the whole company. If you want […]

Shish kebab from pork

  Cooking Meat Of course, a lot of people think that this shish kebab is prepared exclusively from mutton, and they will not be persuaded. And all why Because these people are «persons of Caucasian nationality». The faces of all other nationalities can (not in theory, but in practice) prove that this wonderful dish remains […]

Stewed beef with beer and potatoes

  Stewed beef with beer and potatoes is an amazing dish of American cuisine. Pieces of meat, impregnated with beer, just melt in the mouth. This dish will become a full and hearty meal or dinner. It is not difficult to prepare, though for a long time. The beef turns out very juicy and tasty. […]

Goulash in Hungarian (Dishes from meat)

  There are dishes that are tightly tied to a particular national cuisine. Russian okroshka, German strudel, English cheesecake … If it comes to the main dish of Hungarians, no one makes a mistake: it’s goulash. So we will cook it in Hungarian. Outwardly he is a very thick soup. You can call him and […]

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