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Aruba — a paradise on earth!

Aruba — a paradise on earth! The island of incredible beauty, which all year demonstrates its friendly climate. It is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. And here at all left an imprint of Dutch culture. The island is devoid of major drawback subtropics — season rains. The climate is created if only for […]

In such places worth visiting at least once in your life!Beautiful pictures

Beautiful pictures

Hallstatt, Austria. Beautiful pictures

Amazing places

Kyoto, Japan

Paradise with the world’s most transparent water.

Beach Star Beach on the island of El Nido, Philippines — place with the clearest water in the world, according to the rating TripAdvisor users. Incredible ocean basin Sua on the volcanic island of Upolu in Samoa — 30 meters in depth. On the steps, you can go down to the platform from which to […]

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