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Pizza, which can be everything.

Ingredients: -kletchatka 2 tbsp .; -belok eggs 3 pcs .; -kurinoe fillets 70 gr .; -tomaty 2-3sht cherry .; -ostalnaya stuffing at will; -hydrochloric and spices to taste. Preparation: 1.Smeshat egg protein, and a tablespoon of fat, fry without oil on Teflon.

Shrimp with pineapple in curry sauce

Shrimp marinate in lime juice, ginger and chili pepper for 30 minutes. On the heated oil fry the diced pineapple no more than three minutes. Pour coconut milk, add lime leaves, lemongrass and shrimp along with marinade, curry, salt to taste. On maximum heat cook until cooked shrimp 5-7 minutes.

Christmas Ideas 2017 — Delicious cakes


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