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Cake «Monastic hut»

Cake «Monastic hut» with cherries belongs to a rare category of homemade cakes, combining stunning taste, aesthetics and special cooking techniques. The product, folded in the form of a log from «logs» -tubules filled with berries and oiled with cream, has dozens of recipes, so that virtuoso cooks have plenty to choose from. How to […]

Raffaello cake

Cream for Raffaello cake — recipe Cream or a filling «Raffaello» for a cake will turn out tasty if initially to take care of quality and naturalness of used ingredients. If desired, the filling is supplemented with natural vanilla. Before applying to the cakes, the mass is placed for a short time in the cold […]

Sponge cake with cherry and sour cream

Ingredients: Dough: 3 eggs 100 g of sugar 100 g of flour 1/5 tsp vanillin Jelly: 200 g of frozen cherries (pre-unfrozen) 200 g sour cream 100 g of sugar 15 g of instant gelatin

Chocolate and marshmallow chocolate cake

  A magnificent dessert with an inexpressibly delicate texture. Mousse literally melts in the mouth, just a chocolate cloud! Instead of the base — cookies + butter, I made a chocolate biscuit without flour. In my opinion, this delicate biscuit is simply created for this aerated chocolate souffle, you get an inexpressible tenderness. I also […]


  The basis: 60 gr. shredded biscuits (or enough to cover the bottom of the mold) 40 gr. butter 10 gr. dark chocolate Cheesecake: 500 natural thick yogurt (not sweet) 320 ml. cream 30% 80 gr. Sahara 25 gr. dark chocolate

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