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For dessert: cream with gingerbread

Surprise the guests: serve a sweet creamy cream with gingerbread, nuts and chocolate!For 2 servings: Ingredients gelatin – 8 g yolks – 2 pcs. sugar – 50 g milk – 150 ml cream (fat content 33%) – 400 ml

We cook delicious marshmallows at home

  A fragrant, airy, delicious and sweet marshmallow is familiar to each of us since childhood. Favorite delicacy, among other things, also does not contain extra calories – in 100 gr. marshmallow contains about 80 kcal. In addition, almost everyone can easily cook this delicious air dessert at home. Necessary ingredients: 1 liter of yogurt […]

Salad with shrimps, grapefruit and mint dressing

Prepare the shrimp: boil them and clean them. Finely chop the ginger, fry it with shrimp on a small amount of olive oil (1 tablespoon) until golden brown. Leave to cool down. For filling, whip in a blender leaves of a small bundle of mint, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice […]

Dessert with raspberries

  The recipe for the preparation of a healthy and delicate yoghurt dessert. Ingredients Greek yoghurt – 400 ml frozen raspberry – 150 g sugar – 100 g honey – 2 tbsp. l. walnuts – 50 g Preparation Raspberries pre-unfrozen. Berries to throw in a colander and let the juice drain.

Sweets with strawberries and chocolate

20 pieces Ingredients gelatin – 20 g frozen strawberry – 400 g sugar – 200 g cream (fat content of 20%) – 150 ml butter – 100 g white chocolate – 400 g Preparation

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