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Vegetarian Oatmeal Nuggets

Breast is washed, cut into long pieces, not very thick. Fill with kefir, add salt and spices to taste, leave to marinate in the refrigerator. Preferably, more than an hour. Oatmeal (if you can not find a small, then literally a second mole, large, do not bring to flour) mixed with herbs and paprika. We […]

Gorgeous breast (chicken breast with cheese in breadcrumbs)

  Ingredients: Chicken breast — 1 PC. Cheese Weed dry, salt — to taste Egg — 1 PC. Flour Red pepper — to taste For breading: sugar-sugar mixture — a ratio of 4:1 Preparation:

Lazy dumplings

  Ingredients (for 100 dumplings): ● 600-650 g minced meat (beef onion water black pepper) Dough: ● 380 gr flour ● 180g water ● 1 table.l vegetable oil ● 1 small egg. ● salt Preparation:

“Egg cobbler – a delicious Breakfast for the whole family”

  Ingredients: ●1 white sliced loaf, ● 4 eggs, ● 3 tomatoes, ● 0.5 kg of ham, ● 150 g of cheese ● 100 g butter, ● 150 ml of milk, ● salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste. Preparation:

Shrimp with rice

  Ingredients: 500 g of raw peeled shrimp 1 teaspoon corn starch ¼ Teaspoon salt ¼ Teaspoon ground black pepper 3 tablespoons canola or any vegetable oil 4 eggs, beaten ¼ Cup green onions, finely chopped 5 cups cooked rice 1 ½ Cup frozen mixture of carrots and peas, thawed and drained 2 ½ – […]

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