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Amazing and beautiful cities. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If someone was recently in Dubai, then you should not think and argue that he saw him. Dubai is a chic, luxurious, incredible, superb city in the middle of the desert.         It is the largest city in the UAE, which is developing and becoming more beautiful every day.

Unbeatable Plitvice lakes. Beautiful pictures

Located in Croatia, are 16 beautiful lakes. All of them are separated by dams, which nature itself has created. But she did not stop at that and connected these lakes with each other by waterfalls.     The height of the highest of them is 70 meters. Various representatives of the fauna and flora feel […]

Amazing birds. Beautiful photos. Interesting facts about birds

1. At the moment, people know about 9,800 species of birds that live on Earth.   2. The greatest number of yolks ever found in one egg is nine.   3. To boil an egg of an ostrich with a hard boiled it should be boiled for 2 hours! 4. The only bird in the […]

Beautiful pictures


Beautiful pictures


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