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Stuffed Chicken Thigh

This is an excellent simple dish, which can easily cook a tired hostess for a small amount of time. To learn how to do this, read our step-by-step instructions. Cut a chicken drumstick over the joint, then make incisions at the base of the shin, until the bone. Separate the meat from the bone, turn […]

Cherry cake on a crispy basis

  I like cakes based on crumbled cookies — they, of course, can not be considered quick, but they can get rid of fuss with the oven if it’s too hot or the oven is not there. You will need: For the cake: 100 g of bitter chocolate 150 grams of finished chocolate chip cookies […]

Dessert with mascarpone

The recipe for 8 servings. In one portion — 440 kcal. Cooking time — 30 minutes. Ingredients cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. l. white grapes without seeds — 150 g bitter chocolate — 200 g yolks — 2 pcs. of powdered sugar — 80 g cognac — 20 ml

Dessert with cream

This dessert with cream fascinates with its beauty and taste. And most pleasantly, that in one portion only 220 kilocalories! Ingredients gelatin in granules — 25 g fresh cranberries — 200 g sugar — 100 g cream (fat content of 33%) — 200-250 ml of powdered sugar — 50 g mint leaves for decoration — […]

Chocolate dessert

  Ingredients bitter chocolate — 200 g egg yolk — 2 pcs. sugar — 70 g cream (30% fat content) — 200 ml Butter — 100 g thick strawberry jam — 150 g a few sprigs of mint — to taste

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