Test yourself!-1 .You — a real dog lover, if:

Test yourself!-1 .You — a real dog lover, if:

Interesting facts about dogs.





1. Every week, buy a dog balls, stones, cords, and other toys.
2. Bin permanently installed in the sink, so that the dog does not climbed into it while you are at work.
3. In your car you can not see out of the passenger side because the windshield smeared nose prints.
4. Dog food has become a topic of conversation for you and your precious half.
5. You call yourself a mother and father.
6. Your dog sleeps with you in bed.
7. You have come up with 32 different names for your dog. Most often, they do not make sense, but the dog responds to them.
8. Do you like people who like your dog. You despise people who are indifferent to it.
9. Do you always eat dog biscuits in your purse or pocket.
10. You talk about your dog, as well as other people talk about their children.
11. You sign and send greeting cards from the name of your dog.
12. You put an extra blanket on the bed, your dog to be comfortable.
13. Do you think that Saturday would be better to stay home and obschatsyas dog, you go to have fun with a friend
14. Have you always go to the same store because it odnoiz few places where you are allowed to drive a dog, and your dog loves to go there with you.
15. You always congratulate your dog happy birthday.

To be continued…


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