The idea for the kitchen interior

Design a small kitchen — color and pictures

You want to know how professional designers to be able to use the small kitchen to the max? For the most part, due to the optical illusion — visually «stretching» the space. To do this, they have a lot of different tricks in reserve, which should take note.

Any calm and neutral colors best reflect the color and visually pushing the boundaries. So feel free to «wear» the walls in light colors. By the way, if you want to design a small kitchen became more interesting, add a little dark or colored accents.

Well, if in a small kitchen is as much as possible natural and artificial lighting. This is especially important if the color of the walls deep and rich. So you should choose a light translucent curtains and use a lot of local luminaries. It is especially good for this purpose LED lights. By the way, «glossy» furniture well reflects light, and a small kitchen will look bigger.
Mini-kitchen can be visually «unite» with en suite bathroom or hallway, especially if it has no doors. Paint the walls of both rooms in similar color or wallpaper paste over the same (what is better to choose wallpaper for the kitchen, see this article). With this trick, it would seem that it is not two small rooms and one large space.
In the small kitchen design try to use light textiles. Shades -pastelnye, prints — dim. They will create a smooth transition effect. A flashy and contrasting colors to instantly attract attention and make the walls «shrink.»
For this reason, in the interior of a small kitchen should not use more than two colors. The visual simplicity as «expanding» space.
Too many different patterns and drawings in a small space are confusing and very tiring. If you can not do without «painted» textile or wallpaper pattern to let them be the most pale. Even better looks embossed pattern in the warp tone.














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