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The richest cat.

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Legacy cat Blackie, after the death in 1988 of its owner Ben Rea, estimated at 9 million pounds.


During the life of Ben Rea did not differ sociability, he was a recluse. Companions for the men were cats in his home were always hunters chetverolapye mice. Black Blackie — the last of the fifteen cats that lived at different times in the home of a millionaire.

Ben bequeathed all their savings are not numerous relatives and cat Blackie. Relatives of Ben Rea tried to contest his will, telling the court that he was not himself. But justice is left on the side of the Blacks. He got into the Guinness Book of Records as the richest cat heir.

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2nd place: Tommasini, 10 million euros

Red cat-vagabond wandered through the streets of Rome, and in order not to die of hunger, to earn their living in the trash. One day, fate brought him to the threshold of the house of an elderly Maria Assunta. Mary was alone, in my old age, she found solace in stray animals. The cat became a lucky man, who not only found the house, a loving owner and name Tommasini, but also became a rich heir.


After the death of Mary in 2009, according to the will of all the state was divided between the homeless animals that brightened her old age, but most of all has got to pet — redhead Tommasini. In addition to 10 million euros, the animal received an apartment in Rome, Milan and land in caliber. Tommasini, after the death of the old woman lives with her guardian — a nurse Stephanie, who in his later years, Mary Assunta took care of her.

3rd place: Taffanel, Coco, Eileen, Gamish and Boone, 1.8 million dollars

British comedy actress Beryl Reid — a passionate lover of cats. Her friends thought that gay Beryl — eccentric, which arranged a shelter for homeless cats fun of his home for the sake of. But baleen pets meant for her a lot more than just pets. In caring for homeless cats actress found solace and joy, they replaced her family and children. It is not surprising that five of his pupils it has appointed heirs and bequeathed their house, valued at 1.8 million dollars. The actress died at the age of 77 after a failed knee surgery, the cats have inherited property and the care of her close friend, whom Beryl appointed guardian chetverolapyh favorites.

By the way, the cats — not the richest beings. For example, the wealthiest dog found Gunther IV, who inherited the Countess Carlotta Liebenstein, it is currently estimated at $ 372 million.

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