The worst road wheels of all time. BEST CARS — Interesting facts about cars

1. Subaru XT 1985
Play around with the shape of the spokes steering wheel — a sacred thing. Some companies, such as «Citroen», adored scheme with one needle, some prefer two, three or four, but always respected the principle of symmetry. But Subaru — an unusual company.

The worst road wheels of all time

2. Nissan Nails 2001
Nissan stylists to create the miracle of a pickup Nails decided not to split hairs with the shape of the spokes. They simply did not do! Thus was born this misunderstanding rubber, shaped more like a poisonous mushroom.

The worst road wheels of all time


3. Citroen Osmose 2000
Without needles, so no needles — one more, not less Bezbashenny prototype. But the brand Citroen.
The French concept Osmose wheel — not quite wheel. Rather, it is a big screen in a retro-style, which is necessary to twist the driver.

The worst road wheels of all time

4. Lancia Medusa 1980
In 1980, integrated into the steering wheel touch screen was difficult, so the creators of the concept car Lancia Medusa decided to replace it with the buttons. At the wheel of the prototype we put everything I could: watch, light keys, wipers, audio system, and even the air conditioning.

The worst road wheels of all time

5. Lancia Orca 1982
Two years later, the same company — apparently did not get rid of the obsession to push in the wheel as much as possible keys — concept presented Lancia Orca. It was also a five-door hatchback with sleek, but this time it was based on units Delta Integrale.

The worst road wheels of all time

6. Pontiac Pursuit Concept 1987
His wheel was more like a joystick on a game console, only the buttons on it was more: there was even a full telephone keypad. After all, the car was (or rather guess) and cellular communications, and the ability to send text messages.

The worst road wheels of all time

7. BMW Z22 Concept 2001
The concept car BMW Z22 public perceived negatively. It was not that he was very ugly, and not that it was weird-monocab. The reason was that he was a front wheel drive, and it is up to the previous year was nonsense. But we still only interested in his wheel.

The worst road wheels of all time

8. Maserati Boomerang 1971
The concept car Maserati Boomerang, created by Giorgetto Giugiaro in 1971, looked very cool: he was a wedge-shaped body in the latest fashion, glass inserts in the doors and on the roof, plus the eccentric wheel. But all this can be forgotten, it had only to look in the salon.

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