Tsielavinya cake — meringue with hazelnuts and chocolate cream


Egg whites 300 g

Sugar 3 tbsp.

Potato or corn starch 150-200 g

Peeled Hazelnuts

Tsielavinya cake — meringue with hazelnuts and chocolate cream


400 ml Cream

200 g Dark Chocolate

200 g Milk Chocolate


50 g Dark Chocolate

15 g Butter

Pomegranate seeds

The number of products we have indicated in the calculation of a big cake. If you think that “Tsielavini” can be a lot, take half of everything.

1 Remove the eggs from the refrigerator beforehand — the proteins should be at room temperature.

2 Heat the nuts in a dry frying pan, cool and chop thoroughly with a knife.

3 Caution! If you grind nuts in a meat grinder, a combine or a blender, oil will stand out from them, and we don’t need it at all — you won’t bake meringue with oily nuts!

4 On a slow mode, mix whites with a mixer. When the whites are whipped into a light foam, increase the speed of the mixer and, while continuing to beat, gradually add sugar. Then, at high speed, whip them into a strong foam. Stir in starch and chopped nuts.

5 Cut the four square sheets of baking paper and draw on each circle with a diameter of 25-26 cm. On each sheet, lay out a piece of protein foam of this size. Carefully level the foam cake — the smoother the surface, the better it will be baked, and each bulge runs the risk of burning.

6 If four sheets are not placed in the oven at once, first prepare and bake two protein cakes. Cook the rest of the mass later — while the cakes are in the oven, the squirrels will fall off and stick together.

7 Bake the meringue for an hour and a half for 130 ° C on two levels in the middle of the oven. Then turn off the oven and let the cake cool completely — it will take another hour. In no case do not open the oven door — due to a sharp temperature drop, the meringues may crack.

8 Time, while preparing the meringue, enough to cook chocolate cream. Chop the chocolate with a knife, heat the cream in a saucepan and pour the chocolate over it.

9 After 5 minutes, stir the mass well until the chocolate has melted. Put the mass in the fridge for 40-60 minutes, so that it is cooled, but not hardened. Every 20 minutes, mix the cream.

10 When the cream is completely cool and thickened, whisk it to an airy porous texture.

11 Tip: It is easier to apply chocolate cream on the meringue using a pastry syringe, bag with decorative nozzle or silicone spatula.

12 Collect the cake, generously greasing cakes with chocolate cream. Prepare the icing — melt the chocolate butter in the water bath. Pour icing on the cake and decorate with pomegranate seeds.

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