What is the heaviest dog? Funny dogs

Сute dogs — Interesting facts about dogs

1. Scientists still have not figured out what animal was the ancestor of the dog — it can be either a wolf or a jackal. There are legends that existed beast, combining the quality of both — volkoshakal.
2. In dogs, there is no full color vision. How, then, are guide dogs? They do not distinguish the color of traffic lights, therefore forced to focus only on the flow of pedestrian traffic. Among the dogs with the best vision in greyhounds.
3. To know the dog world are accustomed to, first of all, by means of smells — they differ by more than half a million. Compared with the human abilities is very much — we distinguish only a few thousand.
4. The heaviest dog — English mastiff is Zorb — it weighed 155.5 kg.
5. A dog has become the largest of the breed Irish wolfhound, who was more than 80 cm at the withers.
6. The smallest dog became a Yorkshire terrier in 1944 — he weighed only 113 grams. Also tiny dimensions are different breeds of miniature poodle and a chihuahua.
7. The dogs 42 teeth……

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What is the heaviest dog? Funny dogs

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